Gena Govas - Physique Competitor

Gena: I have always been an active individual. I began to lift weights in my basements as a teenager. I also joined a gym when I was 17 by lying about my age in order to sign the membership contract. I didn't really know what I was doing in the gym but I knew I loved how it felt to be strong. I just lifted weights and tried to do as much as I could. In 2013 I was encouraged to compete by my brother. Often people would suggest it but I didn't really consider it until then. I became a member of The Ontario Physique Association and competed in my first Regional Figure competition in April of 2013. I placed 2nd in Figure Short and 4th in Figure Masters. I competed again the following month and by June I was at the Toronto Pro Super Show provincials. It was a great experience and I couldn't wait to be back with a more competitive physique.

After the Provincials I took time off to build by body. My calories increased to accommodate heavier lifting in the gym. My diet was more lax but well rounded. I eat all food groups and monitor my caloric intake. I often referred to a macro calculator during my off season. My cardio decreased drastically since my goal was to build my physique, not decrease body fat. After 7 months I began preparing for my next competition. At the end of January 2014 I began a 16 week prep. My diet began to gradually tighten while I continued to lift in the gym.

My competition diet is very structured consisting of lean protein like fish, beef, chicken, white potato, white rice and greens. I keep my competition diet very simple. Calories are manipulated with progress. My cardio training is generally High Intensity and as I get closer to competition day I increase some steady state stair climbing, uphill walking or cycling. When competing I take a multi vitamin, fish oil and when I remember BCAAs. I drink black coffee and green tea. Sometimes when I feel my immune system is lagging I will take extra Vitamin D and Vitamin C. I take oil of oregano if I feel a cold coming on. I limit my supplements and don't take fat burners or other substances. I work hard to accomplish my goals, I eat right and exercise. I believe in keeping my body healthy and natural. I generally have some fruit after my weight training to get sugar back into my muscles. I eat 5-6 meals every day and spread them throughout the day. I also drink at least 5 litres of water.

In May 2014 I competed under the natural stream in the Women's Physique Division and I placed 1st in Women's Physique Short, Women's Physique Masters and I also won Overall Women's Physique. The following weekend I competed again in the open stream. I placed 1st in both my categories and won Overall. I am now preparing for the Provincials which will take part at the end of May. I hope to place in the top 5 to qualify for Nationals.

I love competing in the Women's Physique division. Initially I was very nervous about changing divisions but here is where I can truly express my passion for fitness. I really enjoyed performing my physique routine, being able to move on stage while engaging the judges and audience. I love to sense a connection with those who are present. I am an independent full time mobile personal trainer. I service a client base in Toronto, Ontario. I am also a wife and mother of two. I love to exercise and believe it can truly change a person's life.

My website is I am also available on Facebook, Twitter and Instagram. You can also contact me directly at

Thank you Jonathan, Cheers!

Gena Govas

Gena Govas

Gena Govas