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I jumped into my first shown a whim after watching a Coworker of mine prep for show. I was kinda following a long and really just interested in learning more about health and my personal fitness in general. You could say I definitely adopted the “learn as I go” model but I will say it really shaped how I live and maintain this as a lifestyle approach from day to day. I did very well waiting my first year of competing and ended up earning my pro card within that same year so needless to say I kept at it as I simply want to see just how far I can go!

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In general my diet remains fairly clean with a higher caloric intake for my so called “Off-Season”. My personal believe to any diet is a combo of IIFYM, Nutritional Timing, & Clean eating. I simply find this to be the most realistic approach to achieving and maintaining a healthy and fit lifestyle. When I started the journey and focusing on my health the big picture for me has always been to look at this in terms of a Marathon not a Sprint! I am not a fan of extremes and would rather pace myself and maintain a happy outlook on my health and well being. With that said “cheat meals” and “re-feeds” are prevalent and more frequent when working to rebuild muscle I may have lost during show prep or to simply build more muscle in a certain area so that I can balance out my symmetry a bit more. “Off-Season” so to speak is just as important as show prep however the focus during any given off-season can differ from year to year or month to month but I manage this by staying within a healthy weight gain range that is right for my personal variables.

For the first 4 years of my competition life span I have utilized the approach above as this what worked for me but as I progressed I realized I needed a bit more guidance to help me understand and fine tune the details a bit more. At one point I did work with someone who had put me on what I consider the “Old School” diet that consisted of a whole lot of Chicken, Asparagus, low carbs and practically no fat. After some time with this approach I quickly realized why so many competitors have issues dropping weight or viewing this as any way for living life! Working with someone who understands how to manipulate your macro intake based off of your body is incredibly important and I can certainly say I am very happy to now be working with Kim Oddo. My body has definitely responded well to his approach as it falls right in line with what I had utilized for myself in the past. His understanding of how to manipulate my intake shows in my results from week to week and it’s a very reassuring to know that I can trust my coach when I am not sure of things myself.

In regards to lifting I do a split incorporating legs/Glutes 3 times a week, Shoulders twice a week, with one day of Back/Bi’s and one day of Chest/Tris’s.
Cardio I like to mix it up with a combo of HIIT & LISS (aka Low Intensity Steady State). I think it’s important to have both as they are mutually beneficial in a verity or respects. The amount or time is all dependent on where I’m at and what’s needed to achieve the desired level of conditioning I am looking to achieve.

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Building self-confidence: Practice, experience, constructive criticism and more practice! This aspect of competing is always a work in progress and just when you think you have it figured out something changes and you have to go back and tweak things again. I ultimately enjoy my time on stage, it’s the fun part for me and I personally believe that shows. When you're prepared and confident in what you have practiced it definitely helps to remove some of that pressure and let loose a little more when you're up on that stage.

It doesn’t matter how many shows I do, and I have done quite a lot, I’m always nervous before a show! You could say I’m reserved and stay to myself because I’m focused on the task at hand. Once prejudging is over I find myself a little more relaxed as what’s done is done and I just look forward to getting back out onstage and having fun during finals! I always look to improve my performance at finals regardless of how prejudging went. No matter what happens at a show it is always an experience to learn from that I can apply to the next one moving forward and I’m just the kind of person will always drive to leave on a high note.

In my personal experience being an athlete had definitely altered my day to day perspective in that I’m always seeking the positives in life! Difficulties are challenges not roadblocks as strength and happiness is a conscious choice we all have to make for ourselves. If there is something you really want in life it’s up to you to make it happen! There is no such thing as the “easy way”, and in my experiences, failing to plan is planning to fail in all respects of life!

Future plans: I’m definitely focused on becoming a top Olympian/Arnold Bikini Pro competitor! I’d love to compete internationally and truly see how far I can go in the sport, not just in Shows but in regards to becoming an ambassador for the sport and fitness lifestyle! I enjoy working with other competitors seeking guidance in presence coaching, training and also have my own competition suit line Bikini Bella.

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