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Iím currently in my first contest prep for my competition taking place November 5th of this year. However, Iíve always had an interest in fitness competitions. Itís fair to say that Iíve been preparing for this show since 2013.
Back in 2013, I was admitted in the police technology program in Quebec and was on my way to a career in law enforcement. I got in the program weighing around 115lbs at 5í2. I had the impression I didnít have the physique required for the job. Thatís when I started working on building a stronger structure, weight training, and putting emphasis on my nutrition. I then started noticing rapid muscular gains and concluded I had a great genetic to build muscle. Thatís when I got the idea to compete in fitness shows and slowly worked my way to an aesthetically proportioned physique.

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I havenít done an actual off-season yet. However, my diet consists of mostly protein-packed meals. I vary as much as possible in the food I eat, for example Iíll switch from chicken to ground turkey, sweet potatoes to basmati rice, switch up my greens as much as I can. I also surround my workouts with a good source of carbohydrate. An hour before I weight train, I make sure I have a lean protein and complex carb. 15 minutes after my weight training, Iíll have a fast-acting carbohydrate, usually a carb supplement or high sucrose juice. An hour after, Iíll get in a lean protein with a complex carb meal again.
As for calories, depending on if Iím looking to gain muscle or lose fat, Iíll either be in a caloric-deficit or a caloric-surplus.

Failed diet: Keto diet, low carb. It doesnít work for me. I need carbs in my diet to maintain muscle mass. If I remove carbs completely, Iíll feel lethargic, I wonít have energy to push myself in the gym, and Iíll most likely lose muscle.

Since Iím 6 weeks out from my show, I get my cardio done first thing in the morning on an empty stomach. I usually do steady state cardio (around 120bpm) for an hour. I weight train 6 x a week, 4 days straight of weight training followed by a rest day. My diet doesnít changed whether itís a training day or a rest day.

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Self-confidence comes from within. Itís how comfortable you feel in your body no matter what your physique reflects. I love the way I look. I worked extremely hard, made great sacrifices, and lost many relationships in the process. All of these are what built the self-confidence I have today.
I also work with an IFBB pro athlete who coaches me with my mental preparation, mindset, as well as posing. She helped me so much on building my confidence to shine on stage.

Being an athlete is a lifestyle. Iím a full-time personal trainer, so Iím always in the gym. My friends are all athletes. Iíd just say itís quite difficult for family time. Iíve been told I was quite anti-social. I donít drink or party. Iím also a university student and I never go to university parties.

Iím aiming for a pro card very soon. Ultimately, compete on the Olympia stage next to my idol, Julianna Malacarne.

Email: f.carriere95@gmail.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/flo3012

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