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Fiona: I've always had a competitive spirit but never really found a sport I enjoyed. I loved old school female bodybuilders like Rachel McLish, Lenda Murray and Cory Everson. One day while working at a local gym I saw IFBB Pro Candace John, I loved her feminine yet muscular body, I found out that we had National competitions that I could enter, I also discovered that I loved the stage! There my competition life was born.

I eat clean 96% of the time offseason. I am however, a self confessed foodie! I love preparing yummy off season meals but healthy versions of them. I'm not a fast food lover naturally...I don't consider that real food. Off season I enjoy more treats (I love chocolate) and an occasional glass of wine. Pre-contest I slowly begin tapering my calories and I track my food via MyFitnessPal very closely. Each prep week I make adjustments according to how my body is progressing. For me a carb cycling protocol really works since my body responds better to a moderate carb intake. Since switching from Figure to Physique I keep my protein intake high to maintain muscle, moderate healthy fats and low/moderate carbs with a high carbday every fourth day.

Failed diet: I tried going super strict with very low calories and fat. While they helped me to lose weight, I also lost alot of muscle mainly in my back, hamstring and glutes (bummer).

Supplements: I'm not a fan of anything drastic or harsh: CLA, Coconut Oil and fish oil (EFAs), BCAAs, ZMA, Glutamine (for recovery) probiotics, multi vitamin, vitamin, C and calcium. In my last eight weeks I may use Hydroxycut for further fat burning and energy.

I weight train 5 days per week: Monday legs
Tuesday Shoulders
Wednesday: Rest
Thurs: Back, abs
Friday: chest
Saturday: arms, abs (maybe calves)

Being a student of Nutrition Science I ensure that my post workout nutrition includes: slow and fast acting carbs, protein and of course healthy fats.

Being on stage is always amazing. I've built up a following over the years and their support has always been tremendous. The conditions at my last regional show were a bit challenging I got terribly ill two days before but hit the stage anyway. When my name was called during the first call-outs; it was the most amazing feeling.

I'll be competing our Nationals on August 22nd. Then at the Central America and Caribbean Championship in the Bahamas Oct 1-4. I plan to take a year off to really build my brand, rest, put on some more muscle and hopefully find a sponsor.

Fiona Branker
Fitness Specialist
Designer Bodies International
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Fiona Branker

Fiona Branker