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Fren: I joined a gym in 2006 and did my first show in 2007. Before that I spent a lifetime of starvation because all I knew was take away calories and get skinny. When I was 38 , and after 4 kids , no matter how skinny I got I never looked good. So I joined the gym and started to get addicted to feeling good. I decided to do my first show 6 months after joining a gym. I didn't know anything at all about it, but I knew I wanted to be a figure girl. They just looked so strong and confident, totally the opposite of me of course.

I've never really counted calories to be honest. I'm more of a carb cycler. For the most part I would eat about 30 grams for 3-4 days, then drop to none (except veggies) for a day or two then do a big carb up day and back to the cycle. I didn't have a coach and there didn't seem to be any other competitors in my area so it was ALL trial and error for me. Offseason I still eat pretty well.... I figure why get chunky if I hate cardio and will have to be kicking myself in the butt to get the fat off again if I have to do it. For me, too much cardio didn't help me out much. Too much cardio turns me too skinny too fast....I wanted muscle, not to turn into a stringbean. If anything, getting lean was easy for me just doing 20 minutes a day.

Supplements: Overall, not many weight loss supplements did much for me. The most they used to do was give me added energy to push through my day and then my workout. They also suppressed appetitite and that always helps. I do use supplements of course. I like pre workout from Optimum Nutrition (amino energy) and also used Champion Nutrition. While there is no "magic pill" to get you lean, I am currently using Bium-D by Clinical Sports Labs to help me along. It's still willpower as far as food and exercise. I've recently started menopause (shoot me now) and so I felt my metabolism was slowing up a bit and my midsection kind of getting wider. It never happened to me before and I was pretty upset about it. The Bium-D seems to be effective so far. I'll keep you posted on this one!

The Bium-D is 2 pills in the am and 1 pill 6 hours later. I also take a multivitamin, BCAA's and my pre workout right before I hit the gym. I also like to incorporate some creatine in for endurance and a boost in strength. Some say it makes them retain water but I've competed with creatine in me and it doesn't seem to affect me adversely.

Training: I just joined the gym again after at least a 6 month hiatus. I had some personal issues. I also was at another gym for awhile but the gym I started at was where I knew I needed to be so I didn't even want to train until I got back into it. Sometimes stuff just happens and you need to put things on hold for a bit but I am back and doing great. I am only doing a couple days a week right now, but I am not competing this year so I am fine with it. With that being said I split my workout into upper and lower body. I do abs on legs day. I am there a couple hours each trip. I figure if I can only be there twice a week I have to really give it my all when I'm there.

Training and diet is 50/50. I always eat clean, especially with being in the gym less than I used to. There is no way you can pig out just because you go to the gym and train hard. You can 'erase' some calories but you cannot erase the fact you ate junk and chemicals. When I am competing, rarely is there cheating. I know if I want to win and I cheat, some other woman out there isn't cheating and she's going to kick my butt on stage.

Future plans: I plan to compete nationally again. I'm soon to be 46 so I may just stick with masters class or only do Masters Nationals. I've never lost the dream of earning my Pro Card. I've done about 30 competitions since 2007, but none for almost 2 years now. I needed some time to recoup I suppose, but perhaps it'll be good for me in the end.

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Fern Assard

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Fern Assard
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