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Hi I'm from Curacao. My name is Farrah and I was always active. I did sports since when I was 6 years old. That's when I begin with doing sports. But a couple of years ago I started training hard in the gym so I can go to nationals to compete. And I always look and videos on YouTube from fitness and bodybuilding from men and women. And that motivates me to compete. And last year at 9 of December 2017 I competed for the first time in the category bodyfitness. But next year I'm going to bikini wellness and I'm going to stay there.

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Ok since a couple of years ago when I start with this journey I was on a diet on and off and it was very easy for me because I was on it almost 3 years I was almost all the time eating healthy. But on and off with the diet. But the last diet that I had for the competition was the most effective. About calories I don't remember. But I always eat 6 meals everyday. Since 3 years ago. But right now I still eat six meals everyday but offseason diet (Bulking). My own diet plan was never effective. That's why I always let someone that knows about diet make a diet (mealplan) for me.

December 9 2017 was not the first time that I was on the stage because in the past I was a model, and I did a lot of other things, like singing on a stage, dancing ballet in a group and we did shows.

I love lifting. Training with diet for me it was easy I was just enjoying the whole season I love fitness, it is my life, I love training. Well when I checked in I was so excited a little bit nervous but with a smile on my face because I made my wish come true, my dream come true. Prejudging I was nervous and excited. And finals excited to go back on stage because I have won the first place. Being an athlete is hard because you don't have time for yourself and other persons like families or boyfriend ect. Future plans is to compete again 2018 I will be back.

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