Evelien Nellen - IFBB Physique Competitor

Evelien: In may 2008 I went for my first time to the gym with a girlfriend, on the first day I met a really cool guy (it was love at first sight, a year and a half later we got married) who wanted to show me bodybuilding, I really enjoyed the whole lifestyle. From my first training until this very day my husband is my coach, together we make my schedules and now even for the other athletes we help in their own battle to get in a perfect shape on stage.
In first we needed to learn what kind of diet and training works for my body, so we went training with everyone we know and we had help from several different coaches who showed us different styles.
After one and a half years of training we moved to the other side of Holland and we got pregnant, I didnít train for about a year. But then when we had our life back in order we started training for the first competition and within a year I placed first at the Dutch Championships.

Evelien's amazing biceps

Diet: Off-season my carbs go up to 200gr per day, and 2 evenings a week I donít diet at all. Pre-contest we take about 12 weeks I donít eat any sugars and in 3 or 4 steps we bring back my carbs to 40gr a day. When the carbs go below 150gr per day we take 2 times a week a refeed, where we drop fats but add carbs. 5 days low carb and 2 days low fat a week.
My protein is always 4gr per kg muscle (about 240gr now) and our special method is to keep the fats high. Off-season I eat about 2800kcall and pre-contest we donít go under 2000kcall per day.

High carb diets make me really look blooded. Low kcal diets only make me lose energy and muscle.

Supplements: Iím sponsored by www.xxlnutrition.nl, I use all their products and with great results. Pre-contest I prefer to use Fat Attack and CLA Force from XXL Nutrition daily in my diet, they help to burn calories and also protect my muscles, you can see for yourself if you like the results on my facebook ;-)

Training: Off-season I train as heavy as I can in 4 times 8 to 10 repetitions, pre-contest we start training in as many reps I can, 3 times 20 reps and even 2 times up to 50 reps. I donít really like cardio, so I use my training as a cardio training, we also add supersets, cross fit trainings (Dana Linn Bailey style) and even insanity to keep the muscles burning.

For questions, personal training, training- and diet schedules, photoshoots and modeling you can contact me by e-mail: evelienfitness@gmail.com.

Location: Harderwijk, Netherlands
Dutch Nationals Women physique 1th place
Women Bodybuilding 1th place WBPF
Figure class Europian Champs 6th place WBPF
Women Bodybuilding 1th place IFBB
Woman Physique Class 1th place and overall title
Woman Physique grandprix 2th place

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