Esmeralda Diosdado - Figure Competitor

Figure Overall Winner, 2018 NPC West Coast Classic

I started competing five years ago with the coach at Ufc Gym in Corona she said I had a good physique for the sport so I decided to try it and sure enough my first show I won 4th place and ever since then I got addicted to the sport.

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My diet really never changes whether I am prepping for a show or off-season I still eat same meals just add more healthy carbs on my diet that is basically it I like to maintain my Hard work. When I have noticed through this past year is that car itís actually help me build more muscle stay fuller and have more cut and definition on my body

Difference from now to back 2013 -2017 was that all those years were the same diet, super low carb and eating mostly egg whites and Tilapia and that wasnít helping my body to build muscle. Although I placed on almost all my shows through the years my last show last year 2017 at NPC West Coast I did not place that all :( the girls who I was competing against they were way more bigger than I was so I needed to grow more muscle my ex coach then had told me that if I needed to get bigger I would have to take steroids, and that was something that I did not want to take all them not against people who take it I didnít wanted to use it in my body.

So after that show I decided to go with another coach and I hired him and he really focused and dedicated himself to me. He told me that he could get me to where I need it to be without steroids and help me through the year bulking and focused on building me more muscle... which what I really needed was to eat more! More calories more carbs

I do fasted cardio every morning I trained upper body three times a week lower body three times a week Sundays cardio only Iíve been doing that for a while now I do not have a day off but I enjoy it lol.

NPC west coast this year 2018 has been by far my best show my best present and it all happens to be in one of the best venues I really love the NPC West Coast I would do it again next year.

Being an athlete has been a challenge for me as I am a divorced a mom of three, and I work six days a week so it can be a bit of a challenge. Knowing that my oldest child and closest family donít approve of my sport can be a little discouraged it even has had me come to a point where I have said I wonít compete anymore....but I love what I do! I get up the next day and I do the same thing, what I enjoy the most, itís my therapy and itís what keeps me going. I try to stay positive and I know that ďI can do this! I can and I willĒ.

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My goal is to continue hopefully do national soon become a pro and who knows maybe make it to the Olympia. I will continue this lifestyle cuz I love it! I will not change it for nothing. And also to prove to women specially hard working moms, that there are no excuses you can achieve anything you want, me being 41 years old can definitely say Iím in the best shape and time of my life.


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