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I am a trainer and teacher of Physical Education, I have always been an athlete but I had never had in mind to compete until 2016, my husband encouraged me and he was my coach, in only one year I made 4 competitions and that same year I got my Pro card.

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The diet changes when I'm in off season. In competition, they are more protein, vegetables and low in carbohydrates. For me, the diet that has been most effective is to include fish and vegetables.
In off season, carbohydrates in 3-4 meals but controlled. Carbohydrates such as rice, oats, sweet potatoes. I think the diets that I have followed have great to me and have given me good results. The only thing I could say that I did not like and that did not work for me was when I hired a coach and he started to cut the water long before the show.

I am a mother of 4 children, of ages of 22, 18, 17, and 7 years old. It was difficult, but with sacrifice and effort. Focused trained hard, I began to see change in my body that gave me the confidence and security to compete.

I train 6 days a week, I make my cardio in a fasting. My training program is based on focusing on my weaknesses, concentrate and repetitions of 8-10 increased weight. The routine before the show changes. I always keep the diet balanced with my routine, for me the diet is more important than the training routine.

My last experience was at Kentucky Pro Show, I competed with more than 35 beautiful women. an excellent Show. In the check-in met many beautiful people. In the back stage my husband was helping me and supporting me at all times. I was the first to go out, a hard line up, but satisfied with the work done.

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Being an athlete, it's a lot of sacrifices and dedication. I do not a sleep a lot because I get up to train at 3:10 am every day, and then I work all day. affects what is little social life, but I feel satisfied because they are more good things than the negative ones. I try to have a balance with everything. I take time to share with my daughter and family.

This year I have plans to prepare and compete on my island, Puerto Rico in May, it is the only pro show that is presented there. For me it is special because after the hurricane on the island, I had to move to live in Florida, where I live today. Another show I would like to do is Tampa Pro and N.Y. Pro, will be unique and unforgettable experiences.


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