Erin Oakie - IFBB Pro Figure Competitor

Erin: I first started competing 2 1/2 years ago when I entered by first regional competition and placed first in my height class and first overall. After I got a taste for competing I was hooked and I eventually went on to win my IFBB pro card at the CBBF nationals in August of 2013.

I eat 6 small meals throughout the day consisting of low glycemic carbs like oatmeal and sweet potatoes, lots of green vegetables and lean proteins like chicken breast, egg whites, white fish and turkey. As far as my diet goes I have found carb cycling to be the most effective for myself. I cycle my carbs depending on what muscle group I am working out or depending on the intensity of my workouts/training.

During my off season I try and find a healthy balance and I like to mix up my meals and I try not to limit myself. I have a healthy balance of carbs protein and healthy fats in every meal. The intensity of my training differs the closer that I get to a competition and I increase my cardio the closer that I get to a show. It all depends on how my body is responding but I generally do 1-2 hrs of cardio 12 weeks out from a show and I weight train 5x a week.

I have tried a number of different diets and I have found that limiting my carb intake has been the most effective. It allows me to train more effectively and I find that I have the energy needed to make it through my cardio and weight training. I also find that I enjoy this style of dieting the most!

I try to limit my weight loss supplements, generally I find that less is more in this area. My supplement staples are whey protein isolate, glutamine, L- carnitine, BCAA's, Omega's and multivitamins. I am very sensitive to some of the ingredients in weight loss supplements so I am very cautious as to what I put in my body when I am training.

My work outs consist of weight training 5x a week and cardio 2-3x a week during my off season. When I am prepping for a competition my cardio increases but I still weight train 5x a week. I like to target my quads, hamstrings and gluts 2x a week as I have found that my body responds very well to this. As far as balancing training with my diet I like to try and find a healthy balance and I try to make sure that I am feeding my body the appropriate foods to build muscle but also maintain a lean physique.

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