Erika Canela - Miss Bumbum Brazil 2016

Before Miss Bumbum, I had already participated in several beauty contests, but nothing so great. I ended my participation in contests at Miss Bumbum and this title gave me great achievements and opportunities. After winning, I participated in photo sessions, television shows, magazines, parades as muse in the carnival of Sao Paulo - which was always my dream - and now I will participate in the reality show Love On Top in Portugal. I had never traveled by plane!
The first time out of the country will be an incredible experience. I hope it gives a lot of visibility and that it opens new doors for me.

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I don't diet. I take care of my body and my health, but everything in the right measure. I do not have a fixed exercise routine or diet regiment in search of the perfect body. I always had a beautiful body and a big "bumbum". My friends said I should be in the contest and I signed up. I continue to take care of the body, but had no special preparation.

Prejudice has always been a great difficulty. I was the first black woman to beat Miss Bumbum, and when I became a public person, I was the target of many offenses. I even went to the police station to complain.

The key is always to maintain a good mood. People tell me that my smile is inspiring. I like to be high-spirited and motivate people.

I have no plans for the future, but I hope that participation in the international reality will be a watershed and bring me future projects.


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