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September 2018

I have been competing for 4 years now, 1 year in bikini and 3 in figure. My main focus is to continue to better myself in both bodybuilding and in life. I did my first national show in May 2018, J.R. USA where I placed 9th. Prepping for JR USA was one of the most stressful Preps Iíve ever done. My body wasn't responding to the food and I was doing too much cardio. With less than 2 weeks out from Team Universe I was seeing changes in my physique but I still wasnít where I needed or wanted to be.

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At the tail end of that prep I ended up switching coaches within those two weeks and started seeing changes, it felt like I was changing overnight and earned my pro card at Team Universe. This was my first year competing at national shows and I earned my pro card my second try. I feel like thatís a huge accomplishment.

I will be competing at my pro debut in 2019. My ultimate goal is to compete at the Mr. Olympia and earn that title as Mrs. Figure Olympia.

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* Figure class D and overall winner, NPC Southern Classic 2017

I started competing in 2015. My youngest daughter was only 4 months when I decided to get back in the gym to get back in shape, I was an athlete when I was in high school, I ran track and I was a dancer so I was very much determined to get the shape that I had in high school. One day I was at the gym and a trainer came up to me asking if I thought about competing. Of course I said no without asking any questions till he explained to me the different divisions and from there I started out in bikini.

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Going from bikini to figure my diet has changed tremendously. Being a figure competitor my diet in the off season is different from when I'm trying to prep for a show. During the off season I am eating 7 meals a day and consuming almost 2500 calories where in contest prep I about 6-7 meals a day but my calories are around the 1800 range. What I've learned about my body is that not only can I put on muscle pretty fast, but my metabolism is through the roof. My body responds well when I'm carb cycling. I've also learned that I'm not "carb sensitive." As long as I'm eating a good amount of protein and cycle my carbs on, off, high, and low. I see changes in my body within a week or two.

Trying to do a diet that other competitors are doing was one of my biggest mistakes when trying to get ready for a show. The diet didn't work for me because I was trying to follow a diet that was put together for a women's physique competitor. It was too much food for me and it had me bloated.

My training schedule is pretty simple, being that the gym that I go to has childcare I'm able to get in and start my training on time. I train legs twice a week, and train the other muscle groups throughout the week. I have my meals packed with me and I'm able to warm up my meal while I'm there because the owner (who's my coach) lets me use the microwave.

When getting started and learning how to pose, I was told that I must show confidence when I'm on the stage. I started developing that confidence when I started seeing the changes that I wanted to see in my body. I knew I had to go out there and show them what I was proud of.

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The night before the show is always exciting. I just recently did a show June 3, 2017 and it was my first show of the year, my second year as a figure competitor. I was nervous, excited, and aggravated at the same time. Right before going to check in for the show I had a blow out. With my tan already applied I had to get out the car and change the tire, so when I finally made it to check in I saw that there were a lot of competitors and I was really happy about that. I received my number and rushed and got my hair done. That morning of the show, I was excited. I saw that there were a great number or competitors in my class and I knew I had some tough competition. As the judge had us lined up for first call out, I knew that it was time for me to give it my all. After prejudging I felt really good about how things went, got some great feedback from my coaches and made sure I got some rest for the night show. After receiving first in my class, excited as I was I knew I had to get ready for the overall pose down. Holding those poses and doing them over and over again, it was exhausting but what a great relief to receive the overall title for the Npc Southern Classic.

Being in this sport has definitely changed my lifestyle. I'm always a mother first, but I don't go out, I won't participate in any gatherings if I felt like it would jeopardize me cheating on my diet.

Right now my plan is to compete at the Npc Miami Nationals and receive my pro card. Not only do I want to receive my pro card but I want to compete on the pro level and qualify for the Olympia and win the Olympia.

Email: english_b91@yahoo.com
Instagram: https://www.instagram.com/fitmiss_eb

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