Emily Ragan - Figure Competitor

I began competing two years ago after meeting Tiffany Yee who is the promoter for Colorado Musclemania. It has always been on my bucket list and this is a great organization for novice competitors. I am a 3x figure classic champion, 1x figure open champion, 1x bikini classic champion, and 2x 2nd place bikini classic champion.

My diet during the off season is still fairly clean though not as regimented. I definitely eat and drink more but stay diligent with not too many cheat meals – mostly on the weekends. The diet I have found most effective to lose weight and build muscle for me at 100 pounds is sticking to around 1500-1800 calories a day, high protein with every meal and complex carbs in the morning, before and after my workouts, and sticking to just protein and vegetables for dinner. I eat 5-6 smaller portion meals throughout the day.

I tried a carb cycling diet for one of my competition diets on a larger scale with 300 grams of carbs on my high carb days. It was nearly, and some days completely, impossible to eat that many high complex carbs (rice, sweet potatoes, oatmeal). I do still carb cycle, but on a smaller scale, eating ¾ cup carbs with 3-4 of my 5-6 meal days, cycling every other day except rest days, and then just 2 days the closer I get to competition.

I have competed in 4 Musclemania competitions and recently went to Texas to try one of Dewayne Malone’s shows. I met him in Colorado when he was a guest poser. His shows are so professional and well done. I met so many nice competitors and the promoters, judges and staff were amazing. It was very organized and well run from the hair and make-up, tanning, check-in to the finals. I am 2 weeks out from competing in another Texas show, The Alamo, and really hope to win my pro card at the Masters level.

During the next off season, my goal is to really work on building muscle and possibly compete in IFBB.

My contact information is emilyragan28@yahoo.com or text me at 303-916-3655. I am currently personal training at TruFit Athletic Club in Denver.

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Emily Ragan