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Emily: I had always worked with a personal trainer throughout high school so I was constantly surrounded by fitness on a daily basis. Once I started college I let myself go and had gained about 40 pounds within a year. I had slowly started back up at the gym just doing cardio but lifted a minimal amount. I saw a member I had known for a long time preparing for her last weeks of prep for a figure show and thought to myself "I want to look like her." I knew to get myself in shape I needed to set a goal for myself and see exactly what my body was capable of doing.

I never imagined I would move to physique after just one show as a figure competitor because I thought, in all honesty, they looked too big and manly. With encouragement from my coach and feedback from the judges I knew I had to let my body grow how it wanted to grow and move up to physique. I had to restrict myself too much with my training as a figure competitor and I couldn't enjoy building like I wanted to as a physique competitor.

My dieting is fairly similar to on prep dieting. I love the foods I eat on prep; those are the foods I crave all year round. When I'm off prep I just add more seasoning to my foods, increase to amount of macros and enjoy an off the grid meal once or twice a week. I listen to my body a lot more off prep as far as feeding it. If I'm hungry I eat. I don't feel it necessary to eat a certain amount of food just to meet my macros off season so if I'm not hungry I don't force my meals. I can tell if my body needs more fats or carbs during the day.

I've been fortunate to catch off dieting plans early in my prep season. I can always tell within a few days if foods are working with me or against me. At the beginning of this prep I learned my body does not respond well to fats. It's necessary obviously to keep them in but compared to the average bodybuilding athlete I run on very low fats and high carbs.

My off season training is similar to prep training. As far as off season I do cardio splits. Backing off of cardio has been a struggle for me because I honestly love it so much. I tend to do fasted cardio 3-4 days a week and as soon as I finish my lift I'll do some hiit cardio with a steady state cool down. It honestly just depends on how I'm feeling day by day. Right now I'm experimenting with my lifts. I always do some heavy lifts, supersets and burnouts. I hit legs twice a week, usually do chest/tri, back/bi/rear delts, shoulders/chest, and some times have a push/pull workout. I throw in delts anytime I get a chance no matter what muscle day it is. As far as dieting with off season lifts....I eat to fuel my body. I push my body to the limits every workout no matter what! If I have more in the tank I keep going; so I eat to make sure I keep my body moving and growing. My carb meals are usually just in my pre and post workout meals because of that reason. I don't necessarily eat for craving; I eat for energy.

The one thing I dreaded most about switching to WPD was the routine! I think my lack of knowledge about what a routine was suppose to consist of was making me overthink it. Once I realized I could put my own spin on it and learn how to enjoy it was easy for me. I had grown up doing competitive cheerleading and have never been shy about performing in front of an audience. Once I understood I can put things together on stage how I wanted I was much more confident.

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This past show was my first show as an IFBB Pro. What a world of difference that was. Everyone was so nice and attentive to us backstage. The spectators as well treated me with a ton of respect which was appreciated but very unusual for me in all honesty. I don't feel as if I should be placed above any athlete in this sport because really we are all doing our best to reach our goals in the end. It was very nice to be priority as far as with tanning or glaze, hair and makeup. It definitely made things less stressful knowing no matter what I would be prepared on time for stage and things were being organized for me. It takes a ton of unnecessary stress off of us as competitors.

My future plans as of right now are to have a life! I have areas I want to work on and mentally as well as physically my body needs a break. I first started competing in this sport 2 years ago and have not had more than 4 months break really. If I'm not in prep I'm focusing on dieting to prepare me for prep and lifting to build up for prep. I've decided to take the rest of this year lifting and building the way I want to. I also want to focus more on my clients and help them improve themselves.

I'm spending more time in classes to grow my knowledge on nutrition/health and other types of fitness. I'm also taking time and learning new things about how my body responds to different foods and lifting techniques. I've made myself my own science experiment and fortunately for me it's working in my favor. I will start prep again at the beginning of the year and my goal is to go out there and bring a whole new package. I'm very proud of myself and how far I've come not just from show to show but from the beginning of my bodybuilding journey just 2 years ago.

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