Emillie-Jean Bisgrove-Cole

Name: Emillie-Jean Bisgrove-Cole
Age: 23
Height: 173cm
Off season weight: 66kg
On season Weight: 62kg
Mass-Nutrition Australia, Miss nutrition, NDA Supplementing Australia

I always try to make my Ďoff seasoní diet different to my on season diet for two reason: 1. To completely mix things up and shock my body and 2. For Psychological reasons - I love food, I always have, itís a huge part of my upbringing and social life! Eating is definitely one on my talents, I could seriously eat all day if I could! However in saying that in my off season I always try to be smart with my foods and utilise the right nutrients at the right times which suit my body best!

Emillie-Jean training video.

My offseason diet consists mainly of complex carbs, protein and a tiny bit of essential fats. Breakfast is my favorite part of the day and like I said, I love food so for breakfast I eat generally whatever I want. However I do tend to eat pretty plain, oats with bananas and blueberries suits me fine. I do love my occasional eggs benedict for breakfast and Iím a huge fan of protein pancakes. I also canít walk past a jar of peanut butter without stealing a spoonful of its delicious contents. Throughout the day I utilise carbs around my training or straight after and towards the afternoon/evening my meals begin to get leaner and mainly consist of lean meats and veggies.

My Ďon seasoní diet is very different to what I normally eat! It mainly consists of essential fats and proteins with the smallest amount of carbs ulitised after my training sessions. I love my competition diet, itís so clean and fresh and I find my body runs so good on essential fats and protein. I get my energy from good fats such as avocados, nuts, and oils and the lean sources of protein I like to eat are fish, chicken, turkey, lamb and kangaroo.

No matter if Iím in my off season or in comp mode, I always try to eat at least 5-6 times a day to keep my metabolism firing so I am continually burning energy.

I was very fortunate to gain sponsorship and a coach before I ever competed in my first figure competition so luckily for me I havenít had a diet that has failed me before. My coach is very switched on and in tune with my body, knows exactly how my body responds to certain foods and every competition we have done so far my physique has come up the way we planned. Again I am fortunate to have had guidance from a professional coach from the very beginning.

A favorite recipe:
My partner makes the most amazing protein pancakes. The recipe is pretty simple:
Mix oats, stevia, egg whites and WPI protein powder together Ė add blueberries or bananas or anything you might prefer. Cook on the fry-pan but leave the center of the pancake nice and soft. Serve with low fat yoghurt Ė delicious!

I normally train over a 5 day split and I try to lift as heavy as I can without sacrificing good form. Lately Iíve been playing around with German volume Training and finding I'm getting really good results.

At the moment my training looks like this:

Monday: Heavy shoulders/abs
Tuesday: Quads/Calves
Wednesday: Back/Triceps
Thursday: Triceps/light shoulders
Friday: Hammies/abs
Saturday: off
Sunday: off
I always start with a 5-10 minute active warm up and the same after each session. I try to eat every 2.5 to 3 hours and I always try to eat at least an hour before I train because I donít like to have the feeling of food sitting in my stomach while I train.

To follow my progress or to find more about me head over and like my fan page www.facebook.com/emjfitness. You can also view my profile and read my earlier competition blogs on www.massnutrition.com.au or view my Covergirl secrets at www.oxygenmag.com.au.

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