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I was born in 1984, March 22. Iím half Azery and half Russian, and originally from a little town in Turkmenistan, a country once part of the former Soviet Union, called Krasnovodsk. The country became independent in 1991, and I first came to the US as an exchange student nine years later, attending a high school in Princeton, West Virginia. I absolutely fell in love with the people and everything about this country, and thatís when I knew I wanted to make it my home.

In 2001, I returned to Turkmenistan, and moved to Russia soon after. There, I graduated law school in 2006, with my first child already being 8 months old, and permanently moved to US. I continued college at the University of South Alabama, the state in which I lived at the time. There, I began studying biology and chemistry, a decision that would lead me to my current occupation.

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My life of fitness began with gymnastics, when I was three years of age, and continued even after I stopped ten years later. I did kick boxing for couple of years after that. I started powerlifting at age 18, and when I was 26, I competed in Tupelo MS in APA association and won my class in dead lift and squat.

In 2017, I decided to step on stage for bodybuilding, as a figure competitor. My first show was in Homestead, Pennsylvania, September 9, 2017. I won first and overall in classes both novice and open, qualifying for nationals. In August 2018, taking place at Richmond, Virginia, I won Jay Cutler Classics, once again first and overall. I then continued prep for the national show in Pittsburgh, NPC North American. There, I took second place, missing my pro card opportunity by one spot. With the support of my kids, friends, gym family, co workers, and my new coach, I then continued to prepare for NPC Nationals in Miami, November 17, 2018. With that competition, I took first place and finally acquired my pro card. My class was larger and more challenging than Pittsburgh, but between the North American show and NPC Nationals, I made some huge progress and gains.

My diet remains almost the same as it is when Iím prepping. I try to stick to my reverse diet, but I have one cheat meal a week, and still eat 6 times a day. I do add more fruit and variety of vegetables in to my meal, but still eat the same amount of protein. The main changes to my diet are in my carb intake and types of carbs. I also allow myself to have a treat here and there, as long as it doesnít affect my weight much. However, I have no regrets putting on any extra weight in off season because I know I need it to grow, and off season only lasts for so long.

Iíve only had two coaches. The first one put me on an extremely old fashion and boring diet, with no fruit and barely any vegetables. It consisted of chicken, rice, and potatoes, and as a result, I lacked any energy and always craved junk food. Cardio was up to one hour fasted, in the early morning, and one hour post-workout. I felt like she was running me down without any real, or good, nutrients. In addition, I would have zero cheat meals for as long as I would be in prep. When I hired a different coach, Ryan Hinton with Team Legacy, he had me eating variety of fruit and vegetables entire prep season. I was also allowed to have one cheat meal, under 900 calories, every 7th day up until I was two weeks away from the show. Since then, Iíve been very energized, and lost weight rapidly. Most importantly, though, was that my cardio session never exceeded 30 minutes per day, and could be any time. It was a hugely beneficial and dramatic change, and it resulted in total success at NPC Nationals in Miami.

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The thought of being on stage again is the thing thatís driving me from prep to prep. Itís the best experience Iíve ever had. Iím more of a reserved person, and I would never try do karaoke or take the center in a dance floor, but the adrenaline rush I get from being on stage is something else entirely. Iíve rarely, if ever, been hesitant or nervous about getting on stage. I always look forward to it, and I anticipate being able to show off the hard work of 12-16, or even more weeks.

In my off season I train five out of seven days, and during prep season I train for six days a week. As Iíve stated before, the cardio sessions with my new coach havenít been excessive, and are about half an hour each day, five days a week. Iíve noticed splitting my leg workouts, quads from hamstrings, has dramatically helped me improve the muscle depth and growth in my legs. So, this off season, I decided to also split my back workout, since one of the main muscle components on stage for a figure competitor is back, and I do lats workout separate from rowing. I always have my meals with me. Iíve noticed that when I eat certain carbs before training, usually white rice or oatmeal, I perform better during my workout. Balancing training and diet isnít as difficult as trying to balance personal life with this sport. This is a very self-centered sport, and one has to dedicate 100% into it in order to be successful. Thus, balancing the time with my children, doing what I do, has been way more challenging than balancing diet with my workouts.

I did two national level shows this year, and at the first show, North American, I was vastly confident and excited to get on stage to earn the pro card. When I lost, I decided to take a year break, but after taking a week off, I decided to shoot for NPC Nationals in Miami. Back stage, Iíll admit I was a bit intimidated. Comparing myself to the room, I felt as though I was the skinniest and the smallest girl. During this competition, I was hardly excited, and just wanted to get on stage and the competition to end. I wanted a break. I was too exhausted. During pre judging, I was called out last to the top 6. At first, it broke my heart because I thought there are only top 5 and didnít understand why I was being called out to the stage. I thought I didnít stand a chance. I was kept at the corner of the stage, but soon enough, the judges moved me to the middle, with only one other girl. This had been the exact same scenario as at North American, where Iím left sharing stage with another girl and end up taking second place. However, at this show I knew the top two places would get a pro card. When the count was down to only two being left on stage, I realized I at least secured a pro card. My heart trembled, and I closed my eyes to hold back tears. When I heard the other girl was placed 2nd, I realized that Iíd won my class... and I couldnít help but cry. I had to cover my face with my hands, trying to hide my giant tears from everyone. The whole 6-7 month of prep was absolutely worth the moment. (I am crying now as i am writing this sentence)

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As Iíve mentioned earlier, this is very selfish sport. I have a full time job, so Iím already gone half of the day as it is. Being a bodybuilder means having to sacrifice a lot, like time with your family, with your kids, and with the friends. I have no social life. Every free minute I get, I try to spend with my children. Sometimes, I feel really guilty that I have to spend so much time away from them to train and do cardio. Everything in this sport requires adjustment and balancing. I do not regret for a minute not to be able to have personal life if it means more time with my children and success in this sport.

Currently, I am setting a goal to qualify for Olympia stage in 2019. For that to be possible, I have to either win one professional show, or get enough points by competing in several pro shows to qualify. So, Iím in search of sponsor to help me get there. Whether or not I compete next year depends on whether or not Iíll get a sponsorship. Nevertheless, Olympia is my ultimate goal for 2019.

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