Elli Sigala - IPL Bikini Pro

I started my health and fitness journey at 18. I was fresh out of high school and got introduced to a nutrition company where I was able to lose 12lbs just by changing my nutrition. That's was crazy to me because I had always struggled with my weight. Out of inspiration from my weight loss, I began weight lifting at a local gym where I befriended the manager. She was super fit and I really looked up to her. They had a glass room at the gym where you could see in. One day there was a lady in a bikini practicing (what I now know is posing) in clear heels. We were both in shock and had no clue what she was doing or why the heck she was doing that. We thought it looked absolutely ridiculous. Within a few weeks my friend had learned about the sport from the trainer who was teaching her client posing that day. She started her first competition prep. I watched what an amazing transformation she had. It inspires me! After I watched her at her first competition, I began my very first prep.

My diet hardly changes during on and off season. I really enjoy eating clean and keeping my fitness level high. I have chosen to make this a life style and I truly feel my best when I have a balanced and consistent diet. I have plenty of protein, fats, carbs and nutrients. For me this has worked best and not only do I look my best but I feel the best.

There are a million ways to do one thing. I think you have to try things out long enough to see if it's for you or not. My first competition I was doing massive amounts of cardio with limited calories. I feel better now by having a balanced diet and focusing on fueling my body properly. That's the only other thing I've tried besides what I do now. I weigh 18lbs more now than I did at my first competition. I like my physique a lot more and feel much better.

Confidence I feel is something you constantly have to build. For me, each prep builds more confidence within myself. I also listen and read a lot of personal development material to constantly work on my state of mind (every day). When we think competition, sometimes that can be intimidating and completely destroy our self confidence. This is why I only focus on myself. I make sure I am doing the best I possibly can. I am my own competition. That's what truly matters.

I absolutely love weight lifting. It's my thing! I do a mix of lifting with HIIT cardio. I mostly do sprints for my cardio. I enjoy trying new things every once in a while. A new class or workout routine. I make my nutrition and gym a priority. Both have to be done to reach my goals. I've learned that balance is all about scheduling and making things happen no matter what.

My most recent contests have been absolutely amazing. I decided to switch to the IPL federation. I've competed in 4 different federations and IPL is hands down my favorite! I had really worked on my mental game these past few shows. It was simply some of the best times ever. I became an IPL Pro Bikini athlete at the year end show and that was a dream come true.

I will be making my pro debut May 28th at the 2ND ANNUAL ARIZONA CHAMPIONSHIP & TAWNYA CLINE NATURAL BIKINI MAGAZINE CLASSIC. I am most excited to be coaching others and sharing in a piece of their health & fitness journey.

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