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Elizabeth: Growing up I was very observant and I noticed the population of obesity was on the rise. The question that often lingered in my mind was why people continued on this path which led to self loathing. I soon realized these individuals surrounded themselves with similarly situated peers finding comfort in groups. I always had a burning desire to be different and achieve a certain look but lacked the tools. As a young Hispanic woman I was faced with the usual cultural norms; meals high in carbohydrates, high saturated fats, greasy and sugary foods. I was not physically active in my adolescent years nor did I partake in playing sports throughout my high school years. During my early college years I decided to make a change and join a gym after winning a free pass at a school fair fundraising event. It was destiny calling and so I created a goal for myself.

Living in South Texas by the Gulf I was determined to spend my spring break wearing a two piece; a thing I had never done before. Reaching my goal was empowering and motivating to continue on my quest to achieve the physique I desired and become a better healthier individual. This was a lifestyle change, a conscientious choice towards a healthy lifestyle. Fairly quickly I found myself putting together routines and meals transforming my body into the best shape I had ever been. Years later I met my husband; shortly after I had suffered an injury during a fall. Meeting my husband at the gym was a blessing, which changed my life forever. He was a competitor and it just seemed natural to pursue my burning desire to compete, he not only believed in me he encouraged me and supported me every step of the way.

What it takes to compete is to be driven, determined, consistent, and fearless and self motivated; free of cants, wonít, or excuses. July of 2013 NPC held a competition in Corpus Christi, Texas; a friend suggested I compete and so I decided to. I entered my first local figure competition and placed in the top five. My husband and I decided I would continue on my pre-contest diet and step up my training for the Dallas Europa Super Show in August; only three weeks later I was 1st runner up which qualified for Nationals. My goal is to win Nationals and turn pro this year. I am grateful for all my friends and family who have supported me through this amazing journey, especially my friends and sponsor Body Perfect Personal Training Studio and Rocks Discount Vitamins N More.

I like to stay conditioned all year round; my diet doesnít change too much between off-season and pre-contest. My weight fluctuates about seven pounds difference. During the off-season my diet is reasonably healthy loaded with veggies, healthy fats, and lean proteins such as turkey, chicken breast and fish. I do enjoy the occasional thin crust pizza or popcorn with peanut M&Mís. My weekly cheat meal will lead in to a very intense leg work out. I try to maximize my workout by structuring my heavy carb or high fat cheat meal with a complementing intense training day. Pre-contest I mainly manipulate my carbs and fats.

After many years I have found my body type tends to do better with fibrous carbohydrates and lean proteins. My diet plan consists mainly of fish, vegetables and good sources of fats. This has allowed me to qualify for Nationals at the Dallas Europa Show on my first attempt in August of 2013. All the years of eating heavy starches, high carbohydrates and high amounts of saturated fats made me sensitive to certain foods. My success diet is mainly a manipulation of nutrients, fluctuating between carb and fat intake. Depending on what body part I will be training for the day will constitute the amount of carbs and fats I will consume in order to maximize fat loss while minimizing the loss of muscle tissue.

To achieve the best results for weight loss I incorporate ALLMAX supplements in between my meals, sponsored by our local Rocks Discount Vitamins N More. The rest comes from balancing what I eat with the right amount of cardio. I donít do a large amount of cardio during the off season because my training routine is so intense it maintains my heart rate within my fat burning zone. During pre-contest I will usually increase the amount of cardio depending on how conditioned I am.

My training program is designed specifically for me to gain the most benefits from training one body part per week mostly using free weights. I also incorporate a few hand selected machines. My food prep depends on the specific body part I will be training and I also keep an eye on the mirror and use pictures to continuously improve my development. It is easier to see results through photos since pictures wonít lie.

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Elizabeth Bradshaw

Elizabeth Bradshaw

Elizabeth Bradshaw