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Five years ago I realised that I like a lot very good muscle shaped women, not big muscles but good shaped and dry, so then I started to go to gym, I was all my life very skinny so I wanted to build mass.

Later on I started with kickboxing as well. Then I started to do both because from the kickboxing I could not get muscle mass, so doing both twice a day - once fitness and once kb was not really successful too. I did it for two years like this, then I met a guy who asked me to start to compete in bikini because of my good genetic which I never thought of.. but I was emphatic and said no way, me and diets? - impossible, I just do it for myself. 5 years later I am on stage and doing well. Never thought I will do it but now I'm more sure in it than ever. Thanks to this guy Salah.

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The diet from off-season to pre-contest does not change so much because we need to be in shape all the season. I'm now at off-season so I give to my body more fruits, vegetables all kind, nuts, a bit of sugar too but not much, also 5 to 6 meals a day but some of them I like to be without meat, depends of the period and how I feel. Off-season it's just more free. Pre-contest diet it's a bit harder, I have exact amount of each meal for every day, exact type of food, there is no less or more or no chance to be meal without meat. The meat and carbs keeps my muscle mass + the hard trainings.

The thing is that I never tried to lose weights I always tried to build, so I never did that kind of diets. My opinion for losing weights is to eat very clean and not much calories, give the body food every day at the same time, give the right calories and not too big portions, do a lot of sports, activities, cardio, weights lift and etc, even at home or outdoor it can be good enough. It's important to do it with pleasure.

Diet plans that I have tried and were not getting me to the point is having meals without carbs, that kills me and doesn't work well on my body, in case I do this it's just one day, but even then it's not well for me and my body, that's why I may let myself do it once when I'm preparing to compete.

The self confidence I worked on for years because I'm not a person being more than it has to be confident and on stage we need to be. I worked hard on my mind for it but also after years efforts at the gym is helps too because you know what this kind of shape costs you and how much work it is. There is also a woman, ex competitor who gives lessons for stage behavior and strut, Sunny Duncheva, she helped me a lot for the walking and posing.

By the time I just learned myself that I must be confident on stage, I don't have this big experience yet but I'm sure in myself. I fallow also many girls/women competing on instagram so that gives me also a bit of knowledge.

I do all of the components you did asked, but the most I do lifting, less cardio but also including almost every day in my trainings and I have a day from the week which is only cardio. HIIT I do before I do legs. Many times I train twice a day in case I have time because I'm also having my own job. The trainings I change almost every week, increase or switch the type of trainings. There is no one week the same as the past or the future one. Dieting and trainings I use to do already for years so that does not bother me at all, I taught myself to combine it and have the time to cook and prepare my food so I'm always with it. In days with more lifting and bigger muscle zones I have more carbs and days for arms, chest or cardio I have less.

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The experience its unexplainable during the contest.. I love it. The last contest I had it was Balkan championship in Romania and it was so much fun, we were many Bulgarian girls on backstage so we were all laughing, posing, warming up and etc. On stage its always hot from the lights and may be the posing, the exiting feelings which are flowing all over the body gives a lot of heat.. but I'm in love of showing what I have and build up with so much hard working. And I believe I still have a lot to learn and to show to this world, it's just the beginning for me.

My life got changed of course in a positive way. Being an athlete it's not easy but it's also such a great thing, eating healthy, living healthy, being active, people are proud of what you are doing and how you are fighting for the win, for the results, combining it with work, cooking, groceries, good or bad weather , good or bad feelings, hungry or not. Being an athlete it's a way of living, I just got addicted to the trainings, to the great shape, the healthy food I love the way I look and I'm happy with it.

Future plans - not to stop competing, I have big dreams I hope I will realise it one day! I'm not going stop dreaming and fighting for it. I love being active!

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