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The beginning: It was from pure curiosity, because all of my life I am training. I love all kind of sports, being healthy and fit is my passion. When I was a kid I suffered from a terrible sickness. I gained a lot of weight... Then my dad helped me lose all of it and taught me that nothing is impossible, you just have to want it!!! And it happened. So in the beginning of 2018 I asked myself why shouldn’t I try to compete? I can do it! I love sports! And so my journey began!

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Off season I'm usually in calorie surplus, because I want to gain a little weight back and fat, not only because it is the time to “grow our muscles” like everybody says, but also because of the hormones. Fat is very important for us women. And I put my health on 1st place!!! When I'm in a calories surplus, again I count calories, I eat the foods which I eat during my prep, in larger amounts of course, and I add favorite “junk” foods to my menu, like chocolate. I simply love chocolate, candy, icecream. When I add them in my menu, I still fit my macros.
For example:
Of season - rest day menu:
1800calories 125 carbs 180protein 65fats
Of season - training day
2000-2100calories 200carbs 180protein 65fats

Pre contest example:
Rest day: 1300calories 50-60carbs 170protein 50fats (I have one rest day a week. If I feel like I need one or two more rest days I add extra calories. For example if I rest two days, Those 2 days my calories will be 1500)

Training day:
1700-1800 calories it depends how I feel
140-160carbs 170protein 55fats

Of course sometimes I hit other macros. Sometimes I need more fats or more carbs. I always listen to my body.
My training during off season and pre contest: My split is upper lower body at the moment. In the past I have tried full body workouts (which I think are perfect for off season, but in pre contest no, especially at the very end of the prep I don’t recommend full body). As I said I don’t do cardio, I simply don't like riding a bike or something like that in the gym. If do some-kind of cardio it is for example outdoors with my dog, long walks and etx. But it is simply not a part of my prep. It isn’t essential for me. That’s how I feel. Managing my macros is essential for me and my weight lifting workouts.

I just tell me myself “Common you can do it, you trained hard, gave your best, GO And SHOW IT!!!! “and I just go... The emotions from the contests are so much!! Happiness, worries, tiredness, a lot of smiles, a lot of sweat haha.. the people, your friends and family.. it’s something that you can't really describe with words. The emotions are so mixed, but they make you feel alive!!!!

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Being an athlete affected my life positively in general. My job, my friends, people who recognize me, people from social media who follow you and tell you “you’re my motivation “ for example ... that’s priceless.. I love helping people. And I love all the emotions from people towards me!

Future plans? Mmm a lot! I want to compete of course, and I want to succeed. I'm interested in sports, modeling, collaboration with new people and of course my old clients. I'm a young person who is opened to the world and its opportunities!

Instagram https://www.instagram.com/ellyt0
Email: e.boyanovafit@gmail.com

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