Eavan Furlong, Figure Athlete

My name is Eavan and I am 18 years old. I have been lifting weights since the day of my 16 birthday two and a half years ago when I was finally allowed to enter the local gym. Since then I have fallen in love with bodybuilding and want to become a successful figure competitor in the future.

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Diet: I haven`t been on a contest prep yet. At the moment I am bulking in order to build some more muscle. I eat 3400 calories daily which I mostly fill with the same foods daily: oats, eggs, almonds, cheese, whey and couscous and greens. I try to keep it simple which has always worked for me. The most important thing besides the amount of calories is to eat enough protein (about 2-3g of protein per kg of body weight).
I never tried any diet plans that didn`t work for me at all. In the past I had the problem of not eating enough in general which caused a huge plateau. I trained hard but didn`t see any progress because of bad nutrition. By making that mistake I learned how important it is to fuel your body with enough energy if you want to see changes happen.

Obstacles and problems: I can think of two major problems I had or still have at the moment. As I already mentioned before I went through a very long period of time (over one year) where I didn`t eat enough in order to build the muscle I wanted. There were days I only had 2-3 small meals with maybe 1200 calories. The second problem I still struggle with injuries. Working out daily with heavy weights puts a lot of pressure on your joints which is why I have to deal with knee and shoulder pain since months.

My training consists of a good warm-up, lifting weights and some stretching and mobility in the end. At the moment I don`t do cardio. Instead I like to include supersets which always bring my heart rate up and mix up my workout routine. I see training and diet as a unity and therefore try to optimise both.

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Being an athlete mostly affects my life in a positive way. I have learnt to feel strong mentally and physically through lifting weights. Most `normal` people think I´m crazy because I workout and eat the same meals daily but that is exactly what makes me happy. Sometimes people laugh at me or tell me I have too much muscle which only boosts my motivation. I want to be different. I want to do what others can`t and I want people to see me being successful even though they told me I`m wasting my time.

Email: eavan.furlong@web.de

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