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This past year was my first year competing. I always played sports my whole childhood and up until my sophomore year in college when I got pregnant with my son. I ended up getting heavy and staying pretty heavy for the first four or five years of his life reaching over 230 pounds. I decided after a few years of being unhappy with my weight and overall physique I started working out again and I fell back in love with fitness and exercise. I started lifting for fun and fell in love with the powerlifting side of training and just kind of turned into competing as a way to see what my body could do. I became a nurse and the snacks cookies and cakes that the families brought in as gifts as well as the 12 hour shift life with minimal time for using the restroom let alone eating a balance meal and drink water, I noticed that over time that I got big all over again reaching 195 pounds.

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One day I was going into a patient room to tell them they need to be on a 2000 calorie diet and realized I didnít know what that was and had not been on any type of diet or any restriction in years. How was I going to tell this patient that he needed to go on a diet when I couldnít even relate. So I decided to get back into fitness and wellness on the idea that I didnít want to be a hypocritical nurse trying to tell a patient something that I had an experience myself. Itís funny because now currently I work on the cardiac floor and several of my patients are on fluid restrictions and up until my last prep I donít even know how hard it was to only have a certain amount of water every day when in my head previous to that I thought it was easy. So in essence my fitness journey is more of a labor of love but also to be more compassionate as a nurse and understanding where my patients are coming from and how to change their lifestyle.

Diet off-season vs. pre-contest
Clearly in off season I get more calories than I do during prep. I get in increase in my carb intake as my body LOVES carbs, and not in a good way. I still count my macros, but I am more liberal with my food choices, as well as having the ability to have a cheat day where I eat everything that I want on that one day per week. Most of the time that cheat day falls on the day before leg day. I have been able to experiment quite a lot during this off season, and keeping my calories under 1400 with my carbs being <120 fats <20 and protein <160 grams I have seen some muscle gains in my major muscle groups.
-In the beginning of prep my coach and I tried to have a higher carb intake, but we soon realized how my body reacts to carbs so we learned we had to cut those pretty quick.

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With my body type I have to do cardio almost daily to keep my weight variance. So for me Ill wake up before my shift usually 345am go get cardio in and then go to work, get off work and then do my lifting. I like a lot of supersets in my training. I find it fatigues the muscle and I get a greater pump and greater results with it. I balance training with diet by always having my meals with me. Working a 12 hour shift I always have 3 meals and 3 snacks prepared for my work day. It keeps me from grazing but also allows me to get all my macros and calories in.

On stage
I was extremely nervous to say the least, but I was also able to feel confident on stage because I knew I had worked my butt off and I had earned the right to show how much hard work and dedication I had put in for all those weeks. I was proud to be able to share my fitness journey with my nurse friends and family since they had been apart of it right along with me.
I have to say that Battle of Texas being my first show, I had nothing but a wonderful experience. The physique girls I met backstage were welcoming, and encouraging. The show itself was so well organized and put together. I learned so much from the whole experience that it made me want to compete even more. I kind of felt like Cinderella after the ball, I didn't want it to end.

Being an athlete effects my whole life. I feel generally healthier, I am able to be a better nurse for my patients, but I have also seen how me being healthier has made my family and close friends take stock in their health. Training has taught me an extreme amount of patience and dedication I have never known before. All in all I think it has made me a better more grounded person.

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Goal for this year is to continue to hone in on my weak spots. I plan to do a show in this year sometime after September to qualify for nationals. 5 year plan ultimately is to make it to The Olympia by 35 years old. Needless to say I have a lot of work to do, and I cannot wait to trust the process and enjoy the ride.

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