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I started competing with my daughter she wanted me to get healthy I was 57lbs overweight and never entered a gym until the age of 48. My mother is obese and she didn't want me to keep down that path. It was a great mother daughter bond and competing together was amazing.

Diet: off season my diet included carbs and some fats and once a week cheat meal depending on the weight and body changes. Pre contest we get lean add one meal and decrease portions. We take out all carbs for six weeks prior to stage. It has worked I usually drop any added body fat during this time. Counting macros has failed for me, carb rotation has not worked for me. Many foods make me retain water I am very sensitive to many foods and drugs so diet is very limited. The last four weeks is fish and greens six times a day.

Training: 5am I do early fasted cardio 45 mins and some core , abs, and fine tuning exercises, at 5:15pm I do a second cardio - we do this starting six weeks out. 6pm I lift heavy and focus on muscle growth. Training is six days a week, lift is for one hour and cardio is seven days a week at 45 x 2.

Building self-confidence: I worked my ass off to. Air major changes in my body. My first Arnold competing was a real ice breaker it helped me with confidence on stage I had no choice but to try my best to be my best standing next to some of the very best. It's starting to get easier and more enjoyable for me and less nerve racking with each show.

My most recent contest was my best. I opted to do lightweight bodybuilding as a crossover and only learned and practice the poses and routine for two days at the show in my hotel room. Figure has always been what I train for. I was very confident and did very well at this show, I place second in bodybuilding and second in figure class A. I think that not training for bodybuilding for so long and just jumping right in may have helped me not overthink it. I did not feel intimidated and know I trained for this show 100% to my ability. Prejudging I let myself down somewhat with figure posing, I know I could have done better. Bodybuilding I nailed it. By the time finals came we were the last group both days I was charged up and just ready to be done with all the prep, hype, exhaustion and hunger. I was ready for a drink of water and a good meal.

Future plans? Future plans are to EARN my pro card I will attempt this in the Miami Nationals November. My goal is to be able to retire from my current job and work with competitors. I will also work on becoming an NPC judge to help insure fairness and quality judging as well as the most important critique. My highest goal to achieve will be to stand on the Olympia stage and compete with the best of the best AND WIN! I aspire to be the oldest woman to win the title! Yes I know I have big shoes to fill and in three short years I have proven that I can obtain what ever I want to achieve. If ever I am ready to give in I remember I did all of this first and foremost to maintain health and I did this in three short years.

Dusty Adinolfe
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Dusty Adinolfe