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I began competing after watching my sister Brittney O'veal compete and train consistently for several months. I was amazed at the transformation and the ability to sculpt the body. She truly inspired my journey and preceded me proper tools for success. She saw my success before the result appeared!

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My diet doesn't change too much in off season. I prefer to keep it simple by increasing calories, adding beef, in addition to three 20min cardio sessions on treadmill. During my contest prep, I adjust the carbs, cut out the beef and increase my cardio.The diet I found most effective to lose fat and build muscle was utilizing a 1200 calorie 6 meals a day program. The program consisted of eggs and oatmeal, 99% ground turkey, Brussel sprouts, asparagus and tilapia. I haven't really tried many diets plans but I will say eating almond butter and peanut butter have had a negative impact on my physique. Another thing I noticed was realizing that I was not eating enough good fats. I was so paranoid when it came to carbs and fats, so I made adjustments to my prep and ended the internal paranoia. Your body needs a certain amount of macronutrients in order to grow and develop.

The components of my training program consists of fasted cardio 1 out of the 3 times a day. I add cardio sessions 45-50min each (sometimes a hour), hitting 2 body parts a day. I take a day off from lifting and rest but still do 45min cardio workout, preferably on treadmill any time of the day. What helped me balance my training with my diet was I would make sure to bring my food to my trainings. After weight training I would eat a meal wait about 20min, knockout 40min cardio. I stay on the same schedule pretty much the entire prep to keep my life balanced.

I honestly didn't have much confidence in myself or appearance. I wasn't happy with where I was in life, my career and I just got out of 3 yr toxic relationship. I didn't have much support, got into a car accident totaled my car, worked 7 days a week had no days off. I also had to take uber for months through out my entire prep or actually WALK to where I needed to go. I was looking for acceptance and validation in all the wrong places. The more I endured, the more i continued to overcome every obstacle that came my way through prayer and faith. Staying disciplined and committed did more than just give me self-confidence to step on stage, but more importantly I began to believe in myself and that I have what it takes to be a winner.

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Being that I've only been training for almost 2 1/2 years competed in 2 shows and placed in top 5 feels very rewarding. My most recent competition at Miami Nationals I felt priveledged to be among other great athletes. While being backstage during pre-judging and finals, you spend time getting to know each other and encouraging one another. it's a pretty awesome feeling.

Being an athlete has affected my life in many different ways. It helped me learn more about myself. I evolved into an amazing determined humble person. My perspective on life changed so much and my vision has broadened. Being an athlete taught me winning isn't always the reward. Learning from the setbacks, mistakes, injuries, are what helped build me into a great athlete.

My future goals are to become pro and continue competing. (Wings Of Strength and Olympia) I definitely love what Wings Of Strength are doing for the women competitors. But outside of body building my future plans is to continue studying nursing becoming an RN.

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