Domonique Medina - Bikini Competitor

Domonique: After having my daughter I got super skinny. I had no shape but didn't want to gain weight in the wrong way. I started lifting and eating clean and began to see amazing changes. Next thing you know many people I knew in and out of the gym started telling me I would do great in competition. I decided to give it a try and had no expectations. I placed second in my first show and have been hooked ever since!

I have tried so many different diet plans. Off-season I have much more carbs and more flexibility in my diet. I have consistent cheat meals in off season where as with pre-contest they are as needed which sometimes can be very rare. Pre-contest carbs go down significantly. As far as losing weight and building muscle, in my experience having carbs, protein and a fibrous green veggie have worked best for me. I have done ketogenic diet which was great for losing weight but for some reason I felt like I didn't maintain fullness in my muscle. Your muscles need carbs to look full and it's always best to maintain a similar diet on peak week, in comparison to your pre-contest prep, so I wouldn't recommend pulling out carbs completely.

I've done ketogenic for 2 contest preps. The first time I didn't add carbs in before the contest and looked flat. The second I added carbs in the night before and definitely looked great the day of, but I felt my muscles could have looked a little fuller but it scary adding in carbs right before your competition.

I train my weaknesses 2 to 3 times a week. For me that is glutes and hams and shoulders at this point in time. Everything else is once. On off season I lift heavy. On pre-contest prep I do more for muscle shaping, so a lot of reps, super setting, not allowing myself to cool down. Also, much more cardio.

Building self-confidence to compete: Just seeing the progress I had made gave me motivation. But working with a posing coach at least once to twice every week of my contest prep gave me so much confidence. Also, the more you compete, the more comfortable you get on stage. But the first time you ever step on stage is the most amazing experience, and you only get that rush once!!

My most recent competition was a huge show, so it was a long day. Athlete check in was exciting. From there I found a spot and set up all of my stuff, laid out a yoga mat and relaxed with my feet up. Pre-judging I always get nervous. I made sure to demand eye contact from the judges and remain confident. After pre-judging, the hardest part is over so it's all fun after that. I'll go for my burger and fries and then come back to watch the show, visit vendor booths, etc.

I hope to eventually branch off into figure once I put on some more muscle and of course become an ifbb pro. I'm also looking into making a fitness line as well so who knows!!

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