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* Olympia qualified! Doina has won the San Jose Pro.
July 2017

Doina: The previous weekend I competed in Alaska at Arctik pro, ranking sixth in the standings. The following week I won the San Jose Pro in California, qualifying for Olympia. Certainly the spirit I faced this last competition was a relaxed spirit of an athlete who wants to appear to the judges and the public no longer as Figure but as WPD. I did not expect anything, my goal this year was to show myself to the best, confront myself with my new colleagues and to understand what to do to be better. I would never have imagined that after 3 competitions in this new category I would then be confronted on the most important stage in the world!

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As for my preparation, it really has not changed much. Rather! I listened to myself and it was a lot more fun! I just could follow my instincts and my needs, while before, in figure, I was forced to limit my way of training to avoid increasing my muscle mass. Even with the diet, that was harder during the year, I could afford a different diet, with more calories, that would give me the chance to train with the power that I like! And all of this has given fruit absolutely positive not only emotionally but also as an athlete - I found my size in the in Womens Physique Pro Division.

Obviously I train much more than before, and my life revolves around my 3/4 daily workouts. Now I can say that my job is that of athlete. And the first goal is obviously to make an excellent presentation of me to my next competition. Today 8 weeks of hard work are missing to improve as much as possible and align with my already affirmed colleagues.

I'd like to be able to continue a few years with this goal and then concentrate only on my business and the girls of my Tiger team.

Well now I just have to keep up with what I'm doing with even more commitment and determination, to be up to a true Miss Olympia! Because it's not a dream! But reality! And this reality is not for everyone, I was lucky, and I have to prove to myself, to my trainer Emilio Martinez Romero and all my fans that Doina Gorun can continue to write a piece of history of Italian female bodybuilding!
I would like to thank my sponsor - Yamamoto Nutrition.

My routine at San Jose Pro -part 2 #passion #instalike #flex ##beastmode #routine #show #instavideo #ifbb #ifbbpro #ifbbwomensphysique #wph #doinagorun

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