Doina Gorun - IFBB Figure Pro

My first competition was at 2010. I started in fitness division. It was a very exciting experience, and from that day I realized that what I wanted was exactly what I was doing: compete.

From off-season to pre-contest I change the protein source, chicken and meat with fish, I delete fruits and I decrease carbohydrates and vegetables. Sometimes I apply a diet with only proteins and fat if I need to lose more weight, but usually I prefer not to delete carbs. I tried different competition diet plans. I really like to play with the fat, but my best result is always keeping a minimum source of carbs, otherwise I appear flushed and not impressive.

During periods of off-season where the diet is more generous, increasing the cardio sessions and the training loads. Approaching the competition, diet is stricter, I lower the cardio until completely eliminate it and increase the work intensity by changing the training techniques.

I built my confidence thanks to all the stages and competitions that I've done. Years of dance at a young age taught me to move relaxed and with a smile in front of an audience. That has solidified in me the awareness of staying in good shape. And when you know you've got the best of you, you become safer and stronger.

This 2016 is my first year as a pro figure. My feelings have changed. Now my passion became my job so I live every workout and every competition with greater awareness. I demand a lot more from myself. Everything is much more difficult, and requires a lot more effort because most of the competitions are in America, and for me that I live in Italy all the trips are really long and stressful. But I'm happy because I have the chance to do what I love with my husband Thomas Benagli (212 pro men) and thanks to my sponsors Yamamoto Nutrition that supports me.

Every time that I compete I'm always very happy and excited. My colleagues are all amazing and adorable women. I love Americans people. I like to share my experiences with these fitness and bodybuilding enthusiasts. And each trip leaves in my heart a great memory and fundamental experiences that enhance my athletic and human side.

Right now I need some rest time and off season period to look better for the next show. I think that now, after Toronto Pro show, I work very hard for three months for sure. I want to show a new Doina for the next season. Because this is bodybuilding: a continuous work to improve yourself. Always and uninterruptedly.

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