Dina Pasquariello - Figure Competitor

Dina: As a child and young teenager, I constantly battled with weight issues. ıI started training at the age of 17, upon encouragement of a gym teacher. At 19, I had reached a healthy weight and was fully into the fitness lifestyle. 20 years later, still going at it. I train 5 days a week, and play sports as much as I can. It has become an integrated part of my life.

I don't believe in changing one's diet drastically. I keep a lean diet at all time. However, during pre-contest, I simply cut down on carbs and drink lots of green tea. I always keep a high protein count, and take supplements on a daily basis. I've tried the high-salt\no-ısalt, carb up cycles, juice cleanses...Nothing works better than a simple clean diet, with an occasional cheat meal.

I train 5 days\week, 1h of weightlifting, 20min of abs, 45 min cardio (HIIT 2 days a week). I have my cheat meals on non training days, and always train heavier the following day.

Building self-confidence: Through other people's encouragement. As people start seeking advice and hire you as a trainer, and you also see results thanks to your counseling, the self-confidence gets a boost.

Recent show experience: The check-in always feels a little cold. Wish there was more of a welcoming committee. As for the general feeling during the event, I live it in a state of euphoria. I'm always glad to have given my max, no matter the result. ıIt's fun to meet new people and see old friends, share experiences and special bonds.

I'm a full-time events manager, but I dedicate all my free time to training. Anyone who needs advice can reach out to me through facebook.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dina.pasquariello.3

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