Dianna Medina - Natural Bodybuilder, Physique Competitor

I started training for my first natural bodybuilding show back in 1990. My husband Rick trained me for my first show and all my other shows. He is the most dedicated man I know to love everything about this sport.

My diet is pretty clean. Off season I eat a little more carbs but the protein stays the same. Contest diet is very low carbs lots of healthy fats and high protein. No cheat days. I am not one to be on a strict diet. Rick /coach writes out the diet plan and I try my very best to follow it as perfect as I can. One thing I have learned is when you have the perfect diet and you mess up you have to start all over and that makes it less effective and you lose time.

I follow the Max-OT training system which is lifting High Intensity Low volume heavy weight, reps are in the 4 to 6 rep range, training each body part once a week. Depending on my goals is how I'm going to diet. I follow a high protein low carb moderate fat diet and when I'm getting ready for a show I will gradually lower my calories. Training remains the same whether I am preparing for a show or not. My training routine consist of 4 separate workouts training each bodypart once a week chest, tris (1), back, bis (2), shoulders, abs, calves (3) ,and quads, hamstrings (4). I really don't have a favorite exercise. I do high intensity interval or steady state cardio depending on my motivation that day, but I only do cardio when I'm preparing for a show and I'll gradually increase the intensity of my cardio training as the show approaches.

I love to be on stage. It feels like graduation day. I am so happy to see my family in the audience and to know that my journey was soooo worth it. I am always so surprised when the judges announce me as the winner. I am always shocked. When I am on stage my music always makes me tranquil. I am so thankful to God for allowing me to be on stage and for my children to see that nothing is impossible. I get excited for the next one.

So now that I have competed in Natural Bodybuilding I wanted to try something different so I also competed in Physique. I trained and dieted the same only the posing changed. 23 years later I decided to try a Bikini Competition. I could honestly say I worked my butt off I dieted like I have never done before. When I started I weighed 118 and on the day of the show I weighed 103. I didn't win but in my heart I knew I did something I didn't think possibly I could ever do. So in reality I set my goal and I surpassed it.

As my Husband and my children would say "Mama you were first place to me and a lot of the people who were watching." As for my future plans I will continue to train for my next bikini and be better than before.

Facebook: https://www.facebook.com/dianna.medina.9
Email: musclewoman777@gmail.com

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