Diana Lanpher - NPC Physique Competitor, Powerlfiter

Diana: I first got into fitness whenever I went to college (for music!) I had hit my heaviest weight of 178lbs at 5í4Ē. I spent my entire life blaming my extra weight on genetics and lack of time to exercise. Thatís when I realized my excuses werenít going to change my body, and that number on the scale would continue to increase if I didnít do something about it. So, I took up running for a couple of years and even completed a half marathon. It was the worst day of my life and I was still overweight! Doing insane amounts of cardio each week apparently was not the answer, and so one of my guy friends (now my boyfriend) brought me into the weight room.

I fell in love with weight lifting and wanted to be able to keep up with the guys. I donít think I used 5lb dumbbells for anything honestly, just went heavy from the start! I met one of my other best friends, Austin Haye, who brought me into the strongman circuit that year as well. I went on to compete in my first strongwoman competition and NPC bikini competition the following year. I took 5 months off and transformed myself into a physique competitor, placing 3rd at Texas State Naturals. I continue to compete in strongwoman and am also training for my first powerlifting (coach: Blaine Terry) meet in June. I will step on stage this coming May 2014.

Diana Lanpher

Diana Lanpher

My diet changes from off-season to pre-contest slightly. I like to make small changes one at a time, kind of like pulling your tricks out of a bag. I like to save the major changes for the end (like cutting carbs, extra cardio, calorie cutting, ect.). I have implemented an intermittent fasting diet since my last show just to experiment. I absolutely love it and am excited to use it this prep. I have pictures of me at 128lbs vs. 138 and my abs look exactly the same! Itís definitely helped me put on muscle while keeping a generally low body fat percentage. Iím not constantly worried about massive meal prepping or worrying about eating every 2-3 hours either. So thatís a mental bonus as well.

Most people follow the standard ďeat every 2 hours to stoke your metabolismĒ diet. Itís a bunch of hogwash if you ask me. Itís not scientifically proven, and itís literally the most stressful lifestyle of all time. You donít allow your body to tap into your stored energy (fat) if youíre constantly feeding it. I eat from 2-8PM every day and I do my powerlifting and strongwoman training fasted. I have tons of energy during the day and I get to eat out with my friends and family on the weekends.

I donít take a lot of supplements either. I mainly use whey protein, BCAAís, fish oil, and Juice Plus (whole foods-based supplement). I use 1-2 scoops of whey each day as most of my protein comes from my food, BCAAís during my fasted workouts, and then fish oil and Juice Plus at night. I donít use diet pills because they make me feel a little crazy and have never shown a significant effect on me.

I train about 1-2 hours each day. In my off-season I will lift twice a day sometimes just because I have the extra energy and recovery from food. I do typical bodybuilder muscle splitting, but separate my training for squats, deadlift, and bench in their own sessions. I take Saturday (reefed day) as either a total body or strongwoman training day. I train heavy and never ever skip a workout. I implement cardio as needed for a contest prep, each session is normally kept under 30 minutes though.

The key to success is consistency and the acceptance that you WILL fail. You are not stuck in your body and changes will come if you keep pushing. As a trainer, I think itís important to constantly keep educating yourself for you will never know everything. I think thereís valuable information to take from every individual, so keep an open mind and heart whenever you meet someone.

Diana Lanpher
NASM Certified Personal Trainer
NPC/NAS Competitor
Contest weight: 130
Off season: 140
Location: Dallas, TX
Email: dianalanpher@gmail.com
Facebook: Diana Lanpher Athlete

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