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My name is Dezzari Ochoa and I'm 36 years old and I'm a mom of 5. I started competing in 2009 after some fellow gym members asked me if I ever thought about competing which I didn't really know too much about the sport so I attended the 2008 governors cup in Sacramento as a spectator to see what this sport was all about. Needless to say I fell in love with everything about it. From the hardcore training the contest prep the diet and of course hitting that stage and being judged on everything you worked on. At that time I was a mom of 2 boys. I set a goal and started competing I did 3 shows in 2009 and took one second place trophy for not too long after that I discovered I was pregnant and had three more children for a grand total of five kids.

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In my off season my diet is much my contest prep diet except in off season I eat huger amount of carbs and drink only protein shake a day with four meals as opposed to my contest prep where I drink two shakes a day with three meals my go. To diet for contest prep is the keto diet my responses very well to this particular diet and I would say I had a diet failed me rather I like to say it's a trial and error you discover what works for your body and what doesn't.

I am very much nervous I step on the stage but I am very proud to show off this body that I built.

As far as my weight training goes I work it 5 days a week and workout a different isolated muscle group each day all my workout consists of circuit training, in my off season I lift a bit heavier and less reps and I do low impact cardio five days a week.

A memorable moment that I had pretty recently on Feb 13 2016 was my come back debut from having 7 years off and 3 more children at muscle sport production in Santa Clara. From the outside to the middle of the group I thought to myself could I really win and stomach was in knots when time came to the finals and when they called my name and number I was so proud of my accomplishments and I knew I wanted to keep going.

Well I just competed in the golden state Sacramento ca to requalify for nationals 2017, my future plans are to compete in the 2017 contra consta and then to start prepping for masters nationals and the USAs in Las Vegas. My goal is to become pro and continue to build my online coaching business and eventually build my own team and brand. I always like to say that I want to inspire all the moms out there who I consistently hear time and time again say that they wish they could do what I do and look the way I do well they can!

Email me and I'll help you reach your goals cause I'm proof that it can be done even after kids.

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Mother of five prepares to compete for national bodybuilding crown,

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