Destiny Stephens - Bikini Competitor

I started competing in September 2016. I did an all natural competition. I started because of Troy at T2 training systems (the gym). I went there to try it out for the day and Troy spotted me out and asked me if he could train me for a competition. I thought about competing before but never made the effort to actually do it. I told Troy I would get back to him. I talked it over with my family and thought it out and decided to give myself the challenge and compete. I ended up training with him and a show was coming up. "The Sudbury classics". It was in 2 weeks and he wanted me to do that show. I was freaking out because I didn't feel prepared because I didn't do a prep like you would normally. Also I never wore heels or posed in my life. I was terrified. I practiced and went to a couple classes and put together a routine.

First place, such an amazing experience and it just gets better??????

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Contest Prep

During off season I eat very high calorie diet, sometimes unhealthy. High protein and high fats.

During pre contest I eat high fats, little to no carbs and lots of protein. My diet was the same every single day. I ate chicken, egg, cheese, spinach and fish.

To build muscle you need high protein, high fat and the right amount of carbs. To lose weight or lean out you need high fats, high protein, and low carb. When I say fats that means healthy fats like nuts and oils.

My diet for prep was super high protein, high fat and no carb (very minimal) and the results were amazing. I saw amazing muscle definition and I was very lean. It was very hard to follow all the time but I did it and it was worth it.

I do high carb on days that I train big muscle groups or need lots of energy. I do low cards on days I'm not training super heavy ex, arm day. I barley ever do cardio unless I'm trying to lean out fast. The only cardio I do is HITT. I do 45 sec sprint and a 15 sec break then keep repeating for 20-25 min.

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On Stage

Personally, I do not like being centre of attention or being on stage. I do not like wearing heels and if I didn't have the support I did, I would have never did that show. As it got closer and I kept practicing more and more (every single day) I was more comfortable then I was at the start.

Recent show: I was extremely nervous. Probably the most nervous I've been in my life. Once you get off of the stage you realize it isn't that bad. Pre judging is pretty easy. You get called on stage they ask you to do your turns, then you get off and wait to see if you've made to finals. When I found out I made it to finals I was happy. I had to wait a couple hours to go back on stage so I practiced more and ate a couple rice cakes. I wasn't allowed eating anything good until after finals so I didn't bloat, that was a challenge to say the least. Once finals came, you get called up against the others who made it in your category. They make you do the same routine and then the awards are handed out at the end. My first competition I ended up winning first place! It was one of the best accomplishments.

My future plans are to continuing personal training, hopefully get more known for fitness modelling and end up moving to L.A and continuing my fitness journey there. I will work my ass off to get there one day.

Forever obsessed with booty gains.. u?????????

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