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After I gave birth to my last child at 39, I started to exercise to get back into shape. I joined a local gym and took classes. I always passed the weight room and was always intrigued and impressed by women with muscle and toned bodies. Soon after, I started running marathons to add to my workouts. As I approached 50, I decided to hire a personal trainer and clean up my diet. The combination of lifting weights and eating right started to really show on my body and I started to look more toned and muscular. I wanted to challenge myself a little more and decided to compete in a figure competition. My first show was in 2009 at age 52 and I was hooked!! I have been competing every year since and won a Pro Card with WNBF in 2012. I started competing with the NPC organization in 2014 and have been placing in the Top 3 in national shows. I am a certified AFAA personal trainer and have a complete gym in my home, where I do all of my training for competitions.

I basically donít change my diet all that much. Since I have been competing in July for the last few years, I usually take August and September to enjoy the summer and eat what I want, which is a little more of what I eat already plus an occasional cheat (pizza, pasta, desserts and wine). I stick to a 1500-calorie day with six meals. Each meal always has a protein, carb and some fats. In October, I start back training with my coach Kim Oddo of BodybyO. I follow his meal plan, weigh my food and slowly start cleaning up my diet, adjusting macros as he sees my progress through pictures.

I used to do a low carb diet, less cardio and ate around 1300 calories a day or less. I felt that as hard as I trained, I wasnít seeing the progress I was striving for. Since working with Kim Oddo, I have been consuming more calories and doing more cardio. I feel it has made a huge difference in my overall look. I look more fit and have way more energy.

If you would have told me that at 60 years old I would be wearing 5-inch heels, a bikini and strutting on stage, I would of told you ďYouíre crazy!!Ē But here I am at 60 and still competing and I can tell you itís been quite a journey!! Each year I feel a little more confident on stage. Thereís always room for improvement and when I see the progress I make each year, it motivates me to show it on stage. Working with posing coach, Kenny Wallach, has helped me tremendously and I am looking forward to working with him again

Training - Right now a typical week looks like this:
Monday- Shoulders/Abs
Wednesday-Rest Day
Sunday-Rest Day
I do five days of cardio at 30-45 minutes (spinning, arc trainer, treadmill, plyo)

Competing at Masters Nationals in Pittsburgh is always a great experience. I love meeting so many beautiful women, who share my passion for this sport. Gary Udit runs his shows so effortlessly from check-ins to pre-judging and finals. The day runs so smoothly and the excitement of getting ready to show off all your hard work is exhilarating!

I am currently training to compete again in July 2017 at Masters Nationals. I continue to personal train women and help them reach their goals, which in turn motivate me to keep going. Age is just a number and I will continue to chase my dream of winning a Pro Card and becoming an IFBB Pro!!

Denise Abad
Certified Personal Trainer
Instagram: dabad721

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Denise Abad