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Dekel: I started the gym when I was 14 years old, after losing my mom to breast cancer, my dad and brother invited me to tag along and I fell in love with it. I had been athletic my entire life, coming from two parents who played D1 sports through college and on the national level after. I always had a love for being active and involved with sports. I played NAIA Volleyball for 2 years then began focusing more on fitness. I made the decision to compete in January of 2015 after graduating from Mississippi State University December 2014. I knew that I would have more time to dedicate and looked forward to the challenge.

Iím a relatively clean eater in off season, but I think the biggest change in my diet between off season and competition prep is the difference in portions. I donít focus heavily on losing weight, but rather becoming as lean as possible and maintaining muscular density. I found that high protein low carb and moderate fat intake works best for me to achieve this. Iím one that believes in sticking to the plan and trusting my coach and it has paid off so far. I think the only failure with dieting really comes from lack of sticking to the plan.

My coach usually designs my training program week to week based on how my body looks. I tend to keep my weights heaviest further out from competition then as time winds down reps go up and weights are still moderately heavy. Some days I have to adjust my diet a bit if I have a really rough training day or begin to feel fatigue. But for the most part my diet is balanced enough to allow me to push through rigorous training twice a day 6 days a week

I always tell people the stage is the most fun part of competing. You spend months and months training and dieting for only a few minutes on stage, so I make it my point to enjoy the moment and show the audience what I worked so hard to present.

It usually takes a lot to overwhelm me but I do remember two shows that stand out. My first Caribbean and Central American Championships in 2015. I won the overall C Class Division and I really didnít think I did. I remember saying ďoh my goshĒ about twenty times while they brought the trophy out and took pictures. It was such a surreal moment when they brought the Bahamas flag behind me and played the national anthem, definitely the highlight of my bodybuilding career to date.

The Arnold Amateur 2016 was a pretty amazing experience as well. The atmosphere, the athletes, the show itself was just amazing from start to finish. I made it to the top 15 of my height class, I remember waiting off stage for them to name the top 15 and being so nervous and anxious, I think that was the most anxiety I had ever felt during a competition. Even though I didnít make the cut for finals, I was super excited to have placed in the top 15 and it made me more excited to train and continue my 2016 competition schedule.

I have a few more shows setup for 2016 Southern States in Florida, Northern Bahamas Championships, Bahamas Nationals and Caribbean and Central American Championships. The last show is a pro qualifier so Iím excited to see how I perform and match up there.

Iím currently focusing on new business ventures for my brand, Bowflex Barbie Fitness. I have a video series scheduled to be released in May 2016 and a college fitness tour planned as well. I offer customized workout plans (home/gym) eating guides, I also offer bookings for fitness events, motivational speaking and modelling.

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Dekel Nesbitt

Dekel Nesbitt