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I had already been training in the gym for 10 years before I started to compete. I started in the gym when my middle child was 6 months old then it progressed into fitness instructing and training people from my home gym when a client of mine wanted to compete and also wanted me to as well. I thought how could I train someone for the stage if I have never done it myself so I signed up with her and never looked back. Since then I have competed in 10 shows throughout 2 years 2015 and 2016 and have 11 trophies on my shelf. My second show brought me home the overall figure novice as well as 1st place figure, 1st place fitness and 2nd place bikini and my second last show brought me my pro card!

I don’t really change a lot at all, I eat fairly balanced even during my off seasons because I feel great inside and my body loves the fuel. I may lower my calories slightly during prep from 2200-1800 and will rarely go under 1600 on low carb days. I eat a ton of protein so I do not drink shakes but I do however drink bcaa’s regularly. I will not manipulate sodium either or fruit, I believe it is important to keep a little of everything in your diet therefore I do have 1-2 cheat meals a week and I do not care about the calories during that meal one bit.

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I have only dehydrated once and it was a horrible experience. I make a point to stay very hydrated now drinking usually 4-6 liters a day. I have also tried carb cycling during peak week and that also back fired on me. I now stick to my balanced diet the whole way through prep.

In 2013 I won a six week six pack ab challenge and as someone who never had abs before kids, I was pretty happy. It definitely helped start my confidence boost. From that challenge I won a photoshoot and it was amazing. One of the pictures was in a calendar too. From there on I made a point to do frequent shoots and that helped keep me in shape as well. The first time on stage I was very nervous but it gets easier every time and either you love the rush or hate it but will know instantly and I loved it!

I am an active fitness instructor not the walk the room type so I work my training around my classes and vice versa. I teach on average 6 classes a week including bootcamp, cycling, trx… so there is a lot of full body fat burning and building going on. I also coach myself because I know what my body needs and when so on days that im in fat burn for 7 plus hours, I need extra carbs or fruit even. Most days I do however try to have a 2 workout split per day. Cardio split from weight training however a little 20 minute steady state after muscle building was also included towards the last month of prep.

#abcheck after a massive weekend full of #cheats and they are still there ?? time to get serious though, these Xmas treats are really starting to weigh me down!!! This is when I love to add cardio back in full force lol #abs #fit4life #complife #fitmom #popeyessaskatoon #prairiemuscle #ufeshows

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I love everything about competition weekend! Starting with the athlete meeting where you get to meet up with old and new friends that share your passion. It just fires you up inside. Waiting to get on stage and then actually walking the stage is a rush like no other and you cannot describe those feelings besides complete euphoria. Being on both sides of the spectrum where I have placed as well as not placed, I still leave feeling empowered!!! After prejudging is over its almost like you can just let go but you need to hold yourself together for finals and everyone is just so happy, it is great to see the camaraderie of people for each other even though many are new or alone, basically you are never alone! Then celebrating backstage after is so rewarding, everyone brings their favorite treats, some share .. some don’t lol and that’s ok. I like to bring a bottle of wine to share, after all we all deserve a toast after a great competition season!

I am going to spend the year improving my physique for UFE world championships on November 12/2017.

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