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Debbie: I started competing in 1996 at NPC Gold Cup Classic there was only at that time fitness and bodybuilding. I also competed in several obstacle course tri-fitness events which included fitness routines, obstacle course, bench press ,grace & physique and box jumps and shuttle run, I competed from 1996-2002. I took a break for a while then I moved away from Florida up north to Charleston, West Virginia back in 2009. I needed an outlet and decided to compete in NPC with a dream of stepping on a pro stage one day never really thinking it would happen. I earned my pro card at fitness nationals 2013.

The diet I found works best for me is a balanced one something like 40/30/30: 40 protein, 30 percent carbs, 30 percent fat. My body doesn't respond well to an overly restrictive diet and responds best around 1600 in season gradually dropping carbs adding more protein and fats and offseason I don't go too crazy cheat meals maybe twice a while depending on how clean my diet is I stay within 10 pounds of my contest weight which is about 125. Sometimes maybe I go up to 140 I'm always trying to build more muscle. I'm a hard gainer I try to do more sprints and plyometrics, prowler pushes, barbell complexes for cardio than long duration or steady state. I'm currently really focusing on chin ups, shoulders to get more of a v taper because often times when I bring my legs glutes down my upper body suffers as a natural athlete.

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Supplement wise I like Body By O supplements, lipo 6 for thermogenic with l carnitine come contest time and c4 preworkout offseason with creative and arginine. I work on routine elements building strength is always a focus. Right now my focus is building my upper body while trying to keep my waist small. Need to improve on vtaper and especially shoulders come in fuller so that is my goal and work on my strength and press holds for my routine the performance element.

I plan to give my body time I am also fighting a torn hip flexor injury for over a year so I'm trying to get that range of motion back and break up the scar tissue. I plan on probably hitting the Tampa show again in august then Dallas Europa so I can give my body time to heal and time to grow.

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