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Deanna: I've always been an avid fitness freak since I was 13. I attribute a lot of that to my mother. She has had 5 of us kids and maintained herself by working out everyday to firm videos or something to stay in shape. I started weight training in high school during lunch and after school. After I graduated I started working at Women's Workout World. I became certified as a trainer and taught classes for a couple yrs while in college. After college I did my first figure competition and just fell in love with the journey. I've been competing for 15yrs off and on. After I move I start prep again. I'd like to compete at a national level in Miami this year in Nov.

My diet doesn't change much, except more cheat meals here and there. And I do like to have cocktails when I'm not prepping. For me high protein and low carbs are the best form of building muscle. I am all natural and I am lucky to be able to build muscle very easily and fast. I've been asked by numerous people if I use enhancing supplements. I do not.

I think it's just trial and error. Everyone's body is different and as you get more in tune with your body you know more of what works for you. Women's bodies are much different than men's. It's foolish to follow a diet a man would follow. I think I made those mistakes in the past.

Training: I mix it up. I listen to my body and do what it tells me I need to do. Obviously lots of fasted cardio in the morning, lifting heavy and then sometimes not heavy with high reps/high sets. I think it also depends on where your at in your prep to.

It's always nerve racking to walk across that stage with so many amazing competitors, but every time I actually make it to the stage, I've won and that is something for anyone to be proud of. It's not an easy journey. A lot of sacrifices along the way, but with that I think builds that self confidence; knowing that you did it!

Last year was a great experience for me. I did 3 shows back to back a month a part. I was so happy to meet so many great athletes and acknowledge how far the sport has come when I first started competing 15yrs ago. It's much different, more organized, a lot more fun for everyone, and great support in the Illinois chapter.

Once my move is complete I'll start prepping for competition starting in September thru November. I'd like to hit the national stage. I'll def be posting a lot of pics on Instagram along my journey. I'm also trying to coach a friend thru the process to do her first bikini competition.

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