Dayna Demarco - Bikini Competitor

I got into a really bad car accident. I was out of work for SIX MONTHS. I didnít know what to do with myself. I was always used to working and running around trying to get things done, that being home all the time just felt uncomfortable. I couldnít drive, I couldnít go out, I couldnít go to the gym, I basically couldnít do anything. I felt helpless. I was always used to doing for everyone else that being home while everyone catered to me felt weird. I didnít like it. I just felt stuck in a rut. I knew I had a long recovery and going to countless doctors, I was just plain miserable. Being home, I would think of all the things I did and loved to do. Besides work I really enjoyed working out. I was and am someone that loves to be in shape. The gym was my outlet. I remember being 16 and my father taking me to the gym the very first time. I would go with him to NYSC every night. He would teach me what to do and the more and more he taught me, the more I wanted to learn.

Dayna Demarco

I remember this girl that went to my high school competed in a bikini competition and I thought to myself, maybe I could do this. I was finally dating someone that supported me and pushed me to go after anything I said I wanted to do. I loved the thought of having a goal like this that takes a lot of work, working toward it and then being able to achieve it. Nothing feels better then setting a goal for yourself and then actually doing it. When I started to train for my first bikini competition (which was in November 2013), I had to eat really clean. I was told I had to eat certain meals at certain times. I was moody and frustrated because I was not nourishing my body with the right amount, portions, or meals of food daily. I knew this, but I listened to what my coach told me to do. Therefore, all of the hard work I would put in at the gym did not matter because I was not treating my body right, whether I thought I was eating ďhealthyĒ or not. I was exhausted doing 45 minutes a day of straight cardio, but did it because I had a goal. Whenever I had a goal, I always strived for a higher one. I thought if I compete, I have to place top 5! I competed and in my first show, I placed top 5! From there I fell in love with the sport. It was the first time in a long time, after my accident, I felt happy.

Off season:
aka: Grow season, bulking,
Many athletes say there is NO Off Season. I also believe that. I am an athlete all year round. Off season is typically classified as the time you are not prepping/cutting for a show. Perhaps you have finished your show season and itís time to make improvements to your physique. Depending on who your coach is, you will have plan of action. Good coaches will give you a post competition plan to reverse you out of your show diet.

Off season isnít to become super fluffy but you want to eat more than you would during your prep so you can continue to build and create a better package. Many competitors eat so little for fear of getting bulky. Reversing helps your body adjust to more food slowly. Many people are able to reverse their way back up to their maintenance/bulking macros without gaining massive weight. If you are afraid of 3-5 pounds in your off season, thatís going to be hard! Mentally, post show, many competitors canít fathom anything but a show body. I totally understand that! Competition lean and off season are two different things.

I was afraid to gain weight during my off season and lived on very little macros to stay show lean which cause many problems.

When youíre on a Restrict Binge it can lead to binges and that is incredibly hard on your physique and your mental state! When you also donít eat more on your off season you canít improve your physique by adding muscle or fixing lagging muscles. In a deficit, especially a competition diet, you are struggling to keep the muscle you have. That is why we should love off season because we can eat more, PR more, get muscle gains!

I thought to myself competing is a way that I have control over the outcome. No one could control it but me. Competing I felt would open up a world of opportunities for me. It was a start of a new adventure. I have found sources of adrenaline, challenge and discipline in my everyday life which made me feel like my old self again. Throughout my experience training, I have learned that it is literally about manipulating your meals, cardio, and workouts to see an end result for one dayÖ ONE DAY. I thought that competing in a bikini competition would make me happy, and it has, even if all of my hard work is for such a short amount of time. But it has made me happy for reasons I never thought it would. Once I step on stage I light up. Thereís nothing like it in the world.

My training consists of 6 days of week of full blood, sweat, & tears. I train shoulders & arms, legs twice a week, back, and the other two days just cardio. Every morning I do fasted which consists of 15 min hilt plus plyo. I also do 40 min of post cardio which consists of 20 min sprints, 20 steady pace. I only have one day off ! To me, Compete Every Day means show up, BE PRESENT and hustle every single day. It means to be relentless and passionate in the pursuit of what sets your soul on fire on a daily basis. It means to believe, have faith and know you are blessed in opportunities that come your way. It means MAKE THINGS HAPPEN!

I want you guys to know that I count my blessings everyday. Although I went through a tragic car accident, it made me so strong as a person. You could do anything you put your mind to. Do not ever give up on your dreams!

I am happy that I have found love and peace within myself and my body, and I am happy that I have found a passion through nutrition and fitness. But I am also happy that I have learned to let loose and enjoy myself when needed because honestly, we all need it. Iíve finally found the perfect balance, and I cannot wait to compete next year.

My plan is to utilize my off season by eating clean, staying on my plan, & bring mentality focused. My goal is to get my pro card.


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