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Most of my life I have struggled with being obese. I had eating disorders growing up, and self confident issues. After having my daughter about two years ago I lost 78 pounds, and gained confidence I never had. I decided Iíd like to show off my hard work, and show other momís out there itís possible. At first I was going to compete bikini, but then I decided I wanted to take it a step up to Figure.

When I first decided I was going to compete I already had the lean look, and didnít have much weight to lose. I went through a nutritional coach out of California for my first two months. Let's just say that didnít work out, and he wasnít much help. My husband stepped up and helped me with my meal prep, and training. I was doing more of Keto, so low carbs high fats. For two months I was intaking 200g of Protein, 50 carbs, and 75 fats per day. The last Month and a half, which was cutting, I went down to 165g of Protein, 25 carbs, 60 Fats per day. Every 5 to 6 days I'd have a carb up day, so I'd have 150 g of Carbs, 140g Protein, and 30g of fats. Iíll be honest I fell of quite a few times during prep, but made sure I stayed 110% on board when It came to the gym. I lifted 6 days out of the week, didnít start cardio till my last month. Cardio was 7 days a week 40 mins on the stair stepper, and also did the Booty Sculpt workout 3 days a week.

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My very first figure contest was April 23rd. I placed Overall in novice, and 2nd in my open class. Prejudging was exciting and nerve racking at the same time. My very first time ever stepping on stage I was shaky, but after that I got the hang of it. Finals was my favorite part thatís when we get the awards! The whole day was a rush just knowing all the hard work you put in pays off. Everyone there was very helpful and nice. Me being new didnít know much, so I asked several people questions, and they always helped.

I love what I do for a living. My husband and I run our own business called Booty Sculpt (bootysculpt.net). All of our booty sculpters are one of the reasons I decided to compete. All of this just becomes a lifestyle. I get excited to wake up each and everyday to help the next person achieve their goals.

Been seeing some random veins pop out of crazy places! So this is what peak week looks like! ???? Today was my last day lifting before the competition feeling confident in how far I have come! So excited to strut my package on stage saturday!!?????? Bootysculpt.net

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I'm not for sure when my next competition will be. I was thinking about competition again in the fall at the NPC show in Omaha, but not 100% for sure yet. Right now Iím taking the time to grow mentally and physically to beat the package I brought to the stage in April.

Email: bootysculptforwomen@gmail.com
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IG: https://www.instagram.com/dawnettawengler

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