Dawn Rapaccuiolo - Physique Competitor

Dawn: I began competing because of a dare. I was obese for most of my late 20’s early 30’s, and after a body and lifestyle transformation, I became a hard core gym addict. I ran multiple 5k’s, half marathons, did Crossfit and kickboxing when someone dared me to begin bodybuilding for competitions. I’ve never looked back. I placed 3rd in my first bodybuilding show, but worked out very intensely with inadequate nutrition. My lack of size was definitely an area needing attention.

OFF SEASON VS. CONTEST DIETING- Lots has changed since that 1st show in 2009. Off season, my diet is clean with a good balance of proteins, carbs, and fats. I have found through trial and error, that I respond quickly to less carbs for the leaner, tighter look so I decrease my carbs by 50% and increase my proteins and fats when close to contest time. My protein of choice is fish but I love almond butter and am a whiz at protein pancakes, as well as, low calorie/low carb meals packed with protein and sweet toothed satisfying.

I drink a lot of black tea, and take Raspberry ketones, Green Coffee Bean chews, Omega 3, L-Carnitine as well as other pre-workouts and thermogenics.

COMPONENTS OF WEIGHT TRAINING- The exercises for each body part changes from week to week. I do additional glutes and hamstrings on Monday and Wednesday, and additional abs on Tuesday and Thursday. Friday is cardio only, plus abs and Sunday is my rest day.
This is an example of 1 weeks training.

Incline Barbell Chest Press 105 lbs 4x25, superset with dips 4x20 Chest Press (machine) 75 lbs 4x25, superset with decline pushups Dumbbell Pullovers plus Dumbbell press 35lbs 4x12 of each Dumbbell flys plus Dumbbell press 35lbs 4x12 of each

Dumbbell Curls-(pyramid up/down) 35lbs-20lbs Reps: 8,10,12, singles-15 doubles. 2 sets Dumbbell Curls-(pyramid up/down) 40lbs-20lbs Reps 5,8,10,12, singles-15 doubles. 1 set Straight Bar Cable Curls- 30lbs 10 close up/10 far away- 3 sets Rope Tricep Pressdown-(pyramid up/down) total 4 sets. 50lbs-80lbs, Reps 40, 30, 20, 25 EZ Curl Bar Tricep-50lbs 3 sets of 10 lying tricep extensions, (extended laterally) 10 lying tricep extensions, 10 close grip chest press. Preacher Curl Machine-4 sets, 20lbs-40lbs Reps 40-20 V Bar Pushdown 70lbs superset with Tricep pushups, 4sets 20 reps of each Bench Dips-3 sets 25

Seated Row 70lbs superset with Close Grip Lat Pull down- 70lbs 3 x 20 each Straight bar Standing Pullover 60lbs superset with Squatting Single-arm Cable Row 40lbs 3x20 Barbell Clean and Press 60lbs superset with wide Hand Pushups 3 sets 12/30 Reps Single Arm Dumbbell Row 40lbs Superset with Pullups 3 sets Reps 10/10 Barbell Rows-60lbs 3x20 Lat Pulldowns-80lbs 3x15

Barbell Press-(behind neck/in front of neck) 50lbs 3seats 10/10 Dumbbell Press 25lbs 3x10 Dumbbell “proprietary move” 20lbs 3x10 Dumbbell Side Laterals 15lbs 4x15 (seated) Dumbbell Front Laterals 20lbs 4x15 (standing) Handstand Pushups 4x10

GIANT SET 4 Sets- Sumo Squats 50lbs /20 Reps, Dumbbell Box Lunge 10lbs 15/15 Reps, Toe Squats 30 Reps, Side Lunge (off steps) 15/15 Reps, Squats 95lbs 20 Reps, Smith Machine Split Squats 90lbs 3x15 Standing Hamstring Curls 40lbs 3x15 Lying Hamstring Curls 60lbs 4x15 Leg Extensions 80lbs 4x15 Abductor 50 lbs 3 sets of 10 regular, 10 with 3second hold, and 3 fast.

I am now focusing on lifting heavier and building more muscle, as well as, perfecting “peak week” dieting to be “dialed in” at the exact time for the stage and my IFBB Pro Card at Master’s Nationals 2015.

Contact me on Instagram @physiquefitgirl1
Email exerciseaddict@cox.net

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Dawn Rapaccuiolo, before and after:

Dawn Rapaccuiolo

Dawn Rapaccuiolo