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I have worked out in the gym for many years. I am a wife, a mother of 4 sons and I have a career in dental and Iím a personal trainer. I have always tried to stay fit in some way. I touched on kick boxing for a few years and did pretty well in local tournaments, but walking around with black eyes or bruises all the time is not what I really wanted. One day a trainer from the gym I was in at that time came up to me and asked me if I competed on stage. I wasnít sure what he was talking about, so he showed me some pictures of female figure competitors, and from that point on I knew what I was meant to be; an athlete. I was pretty small 128lbs, so figure was it. I hired a prep coach and trained for almost a year before my first competition. I did pretty well in figure, but my drive was way too high for figure, I can honestly say, I got addicted to muscle. I wanted more, because I knew I could do more, I knew I could be bigger and better than the old me. I was my own motivation to become a physique competitor.

I went on the hunt not for a trainer, but a life coach. I came across One2one training center in Sugarland, Tx and found my life coaches; Byron & Violet Walton; the owners of One2One. These two people took the chance and had enough faith in me to take my challenge on, to create a bodybuilder out of a housewife, and so my journey began at 46 yrs old.

My off season diet vs. pre-contest diet:

Well, my off season diet consists of more carbs, few more calories, few more cheat meals, less cardio. Instead of 4oz of Buffalo, I will eat 6oz, or for breakfast for instance, off season: 8 egg whites, Ĺ cup oats, Ĺ cup blueberries VS. Pre contest breakfast which would consist of 6 egg whites ľ cup oats, ľ cup blueberries. Off season is the time where an athlete needs to grow, you have to eat to grow. Pre contest I might take out the buffalo and add more tuna, itís all according to the athleteís goals in how one eats. All in all I always try to eat clean off season as well. During pre contest, I find that my body responds well to carb cycling, along with daily cardio usually around 1-2hrs 2 x a day, thatís when my transformation really starts, because the fat just starts falling off. I am always consistent with my meals, I eat every 3 hrs. My last meal is at 9pm. I am very pleased to say that my coach has not had me on a diet that wasnít successful. I mean, if we hit a plateau, he tweaks the food plan by maybe adding 4 oz of Avocado to one of my meals or maybe adding a cheat meal when I havenít had one in a while, but itís a very minute tweak and it has worked.


I am a 2x sponsored athlete. I am sponsored by Spartan Performance Supplements and by Egg White International. So when it comes to my daily supplementation I use all Spartan Performance Supplements.

BCAAís and Aminoís daily Fat burner 2 x day
Glutamine daily
7-Keto daily
Enzymes after meals
Daily Coreplex vitamin
ZMA Recovery
I donít really use pre-workout, only because your body will burn the pre-workout before it will start burning the fat, I want to always burn the fat first. I drink minimum 100oz of water a day, and I get at least 8 hrs sleep. I donít drink, smoke, and go to bars or anything that will make my body not perform to its fullest every day.

Balance training and diet:

My hardest training days is of course legs and probably back, so those particular days I will fuel up with protein 8 egg whites and Ĺ sweet potato before training and post food is; Ĺ sweet potato with 1 scoop of protein powder mixed together with a bit of water . Although all my training days are hard, my diet will always compliment my training regimen. On season workout vs. off season workout: On-season workout consists of daily cardio, supersets, lightweight and high reps; off season consist of: heavy weight, low reps, no supersets, cardio is 30 minutes, 3 x a week.

My Confidence level:

My last show was this past February 27th, 2016; it was the Nubret International show in Oklahoma City, OK. I think this particular show was the most nervous I have ever been. I was competing against people from all over the world. When you start looking at people from Italy, United Kingdom, France, Germany, and Mexico Ö you really start getting nervous, because these athletes didnít fly Ĺ way across the world to lose, and needless to say their physiques were amazing! Yes, you always start second guessing yourself and your physique.

Then as I peeked out of the curtain from back stage and saw my husband, and both my coaches sitting there waiting to see their creation and hard work and long hours and months of training for this world show that we all put our blood, sweat and tears into. That moment is when my confidence level went through the roof! I went back stage and practiced my routine for hours and knew I was going to kill it! When I got on stage for pre-judging, I literally just kept starring at my husband and coach smiling at me and I knew it was all good from there. That night I won 1st place in my class and 2nd in open, I couldnít have been more proud of myself. Now I know, the only competition I have is myself.

Future Plans:

To hopefully one day obtain my pro card and to always be better than I was yesterday!

Contact Information:
Dawn Angevine ĖOne2One Training center, Sugarland, Texas
(281)961-6251- Personal Training
E-Mail: dawn.angevine@yahoo.com

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Dawn Angevine