Daryn Carter - Physique Competitor

Daryn: I have been in health, fitness and extreme training for 33 years. I have 4 children have been raising and balancing that with a career. I have been lifting weights since I was 16. I started competing at 38. Have trained the Cardinals cheerleaders 3 years in a row, 1 year training Suns Dancers, MMA FIGHTERS, Semi-Pro golfers and football players, bikini competitors, bodybuilders.

Diet off- season vs. pre-contest: I stay clean all year round, I also have foods I cannot eat any longer, dairy, no gluten, no rice nor pasta, so that takes a lot of foods out of my diet. Which leaves not much left to take out. Also, when you are your own billboard you need to be at the top of your game all the time. So when it comes down to pre-contest time it's difficult to lose weight. I cut my fruit, only egg whites, white fish very little good fats (almonds. flaxseed, avocado, yolk, some peanut butter). 4-6 weeks out it's very important to get lots of cardiovascular conditioning for fat loss. Work up to 1 hour of 2 sessions of cardio daily also, very important for me when cutting to eat every 2-2 1/2 hours. What failed for me over time is carb loading, then cutting them. Everyone’s body works deferentially specially over time.

Daryn Carter, GenXLabs Fitness Team Member and Muscles-R-Sexy Calendar Girl, shares details of her prep and fitness lifestyle. This 50 year old trains like a beast for sure.

I use Genxlabs products whom which I am sponsored by and have seen big gains in my physique and as well as my clients.
Use LEAN 700 (burn more fat, appetite control, energy and focus)
Quad Stah (anabolic growth complex)
AB12/ Anabolic B12 (improves anabolic potential, co-enzyme, energy booster, increases efficiency, promote lean muscle and strength gains)
Shredabol (vascularity, water reduction, nitrogen synthesis)
Ripped (builds lean muscle, shred fat, enhances recovery time)
Vasabol before I lift>>> (complete creatine growth factors, AT, recovery and delivery complex, immune system support, stimulant free)
TAKE EVERYDAY and 2 x a day.

on/off season workouts and how they differ….
On season 4-5 sets 0f moderate weight / pre- show 3-4 weeks out high reps of 20-30-100’swith lighter weight. Cutting stage high reps/ low reps. and all body… last week one leg work out.

Balance training and diet. Big muscle days (back, legs) add little more carbs a 1/2 sweet potato, and try to get plenty of sleep.

Future plans: pro-card, more fitness modeling, and educating more people on the importance of health and fitness, ITS NEVER TO LATE!!! I will be 50 in October.

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Daryn Carter - Extreme director “Gold’s Gym” / Instructor/ Head Trainer / Physique Competitor
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