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At age 40 I joined the gym in to get my strength and health back after having my second child and prevailing overstate four lymphoma; cancer of the lymph nodes. After I had been training for a few years my good friend encouraged me to compete. I was 45 when I competed in my first show. I did figure.

During off season or muscle building season I prefer to call it I keep more calories in my diet. Plenty of carbs and protein and a couple of cheat meals. I keep the meals clean. It includes beef, pork, chicken and fish. Rice, sweet potatoes and oatmeal. Filed diets: plans that are calorie and carb restricted. You have to eat big to get be! Even when cutting you have to eat enough to maintain muscle. Off season muscle building consists of heavy compound exercises to build mass. Deadlifts and box squats for example. During cutting season the training will change to achieve a chiseled look. Diet and training is a lifestyle and is implemented each and every day! No mistakes!

Building self-confidence: practice!!!! Practice makes permanent! Work hard to build a great physique. Practice the posing!!!!! The confidence comes in knowing you built a great physique and nailing the presentation! Knowing how to showcase it through posing!

2016 was my pro debut and I had a blast. The pros are truly amazing. I am 55 and one of the oldest competitors on the stage. I am honored to have the opportunity to be on with such great athletes. I competed in the North Americans pro masters and placed 6th. This is a 4 day show and every aspect of it caters to the athletes. They even provide a bodybuilding buffet!
Second show was the Lou Legacy! This was an amazing experience! I was up against some of the best in the world as many of the competitors were Olympians. I met The Hulk!!!! Also many of the pros. They are very supportive of one another back stage! True sportsmanship!

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I will continue on this journey. I Iove to compete. It is my motivation to continue to train hard. What I love the most is the process. The day to day training and hard work put in leading up to the grand finale of stepping on the stage. I love the putting in the work and watching my body improve each year! I will fight to the end and live life! It's too short and precious to not pursue your passions!

Darlene Ainsco, IFBB Pro
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