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The most recent and what will mark my athletic career for life, being Champion of the Arnold Classic Festival - Ohio 2017. It was the realization of a dream, to be on stage with the best athletes in the world, to be awarded and congratulated by Arnold Schwarzenegger it is something inexplicable.

I started my love of sports at the age of 17, I always did physical activities and I also always had a diet, I worried about maintaining a beautiful physique, but until then, I felt like a Hobbie. Two years ago, in 2015 I was invited by my current Personal Trainer to debut my first competition, The Amazonian Bodybuilding Championship, held in July 2015, since then I have found my true vocation. "LOVE TO SPORT".

And then, my career in the sport took wings, today I hold the following titles:
June 2015 - First Place at the Regional Champ - (Manaus-Amazonas-Brazil)
July 2015 - First Place at National Champ - (Brasilia-Distrito Federal-Brszil)
August 2015 - First Place and Overall at World Champ - (Hungria-Budapest)
March, 2017 - Ms. International Champion at Arnold Classic Festival Ohio

?? Now everybody wants know how, I built this dream and never had a doubt. THIS IS WHAT I LIVE FOR! ???? ???? Agora todo mundo quer saber como, eu constru? este sonho e nunca tive d?vidas. #danycastilhopro #blessed #grateful #believeinyourself #dreamscometrue

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In Off season, my diet is geared towards the gain and maintenance of lean mass, but always taking into consideration, I am already in the category standard, so we can not overdo it, we always opt for a clean gain, to terms real notion of gain, Without great retentions both liquid and fat.
In Pre-Contest everything changes, we continue with the use of carbohydrates, fats and proteins, but at this stage, I return to the cutting, so everything is well restricted.
So we got it right from the start, I have not had any problems with any diet method we've tried.

My training is separated into shifts, I do 30 minutes of aerobic fasting on awakening, 1:30 of bodybuilding, then another 30 minutes of aerobic activity, in addition to choreography training, stretching and posture training, a very heavy load during the competition period.

Trust and experience comes with time, I still get nervous on stage and I think I'll always stay, because it's a moment where all our work and dedication is put to the test. But if you've done your homework and devoted yourself to it, you go up with the certainty that you've done your best.

Next competition is Mr. Olympia and we are already setting the goals for this great show.

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