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Danielle: I had been working the booth at Muscle Contest for Sexy-Strong for the year as a brand ambassador and just became very involved into the industry. I never had a passion to compete at first. I came from the glamour world as a successful internationally published swimsuit model and I wanted to transition over to the fitness industry. My main vision was to be a successful fitness model but I slowly began to realize in order to be credible I have to prove myself. There would be times I worked at the booth and would overhear people talking like “who is she, why is she even here, she knows nothing about the sport, she’s just a pretty face.” That was just the fire I needed – I had my first assessment and 8 weeks later stepped on stage for the very first time. Since October of 2015 to present (Sept 2016), I have competed in 5 shows and on prep for my 6th, so I did not waste any time! I developed a passion for the stage and this lifestyle immediately after my first show and the rest is history.

While I am prepping for a show, Monday-Saturday I have the same 7 meals a day. All have carbs, protein, and veggies. Sunday is my refeed day where I have the same 6 meals I had Monday-Saturday but one of my mid-day meals are a cheat so either a burger or sushi. That stays consistent through my entire prep with slowly decreasing the amount of carbs I am in-taking as it gets closer to shower time.

While I am off season, I have a few solid weeks of just crap after my show. I get it all out of my system of everything I missed (pizza, burgers, tacos, etc.). I have a fast metabolism though and know my body; I won't rebound and blow up like a balloon. I have never been overweight and my body is comfortable at a smaller weight so I can afford to do this. I would never ever recommend someone that has been overweight and rebounds easily to do this! But with that said, I have a few solid weeks of just crap eating and then I start going back to clean eating. Very similar to the same foods I eat while on prep I just use sauces for taste and a little more carbs. All in all I stay very clean year round with a consistent training schedule.
Dairy is always out of my diet not matter if I am on prep or not as well as sugar. For the few weeks after a show I will indulge on treats but after that I stay far away from sugar even while off season.

For me, consistency with clean eating has been most effective for losing weight and building muscle. Sugar is the absolute devil. Stay far away from sugar if you're trying to lose the fat.I don't mean just stop eating candy and donuts. Look at the labels to absolutely everything you consume. There is sugar in everything. Literally everything. All of my supplements have no artificial flavoring. They taste like absolute shit but it's the cleanest route to go. Also incorporate a solid training program with cardio and eating clean. That's the big secret everyone is looking for. Train. Eat Clean. Cardio. Repeat. Pretty easy stuff.

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As far as muscle growth, proper supplements is what I have found to really make a difference. I do not miss a single serving of BCAA's, Glutamine, or Beta Alanine. Protein is crucial with muscle growth as well. I am 118lbs off season (compete at 114lbs), I am 5'5" and I take in on average 230g of protein a day. All clean and lean protein. I rarely have shakes, it's all actual animal protein. By training hard, mixing from heavy lifting, resistance training, negative reps, and circuits your body will for sure shed the weight and gain the muscle mass you're looking for. It has to be all in though. You need to do all of the components in order to get the results you want. Proper sleep is also crucial with muscle growth. You have to let your body rest and recover. Lastly, stretching! All of these play such a huge factor and I don't miss a single step on or off season.

I have actually have had the pleasure of working with one coach my entire competitive career and have done really well with her guidance. We have played with a few concepts and my body just naturally works better off a flexible diet. I have an extremely fast metabolism so it responds very well to carbs and fats. All of 2015 we did a flexible diet and I have never come in as sharp or as lean on stage as I did when I was dieting that way. All of 2016 we stayed clean the entire time and even removed quite a bit of carbs and though I became much tinier, my waist and legs were a fraction of the size, I was not as bubbly and my tie-ins were not nearly as sharp. So really both have worked great for me but both also had their cons. I have never placed poorly in any show so the method my coach is doing is working, we just need to mix the two methods now to hopefully come in tiny but also sharp and bubbly.

I have never tracked macros though. She's never given me amount of macros I need to be at and me plan my own diet that way. It's always been a strict plan of what food and of how much, we go based off where I am at and what to remove/add.

The way my split is set up is:
1. Monday: Legs - finish off with light cardio on the treadmill at incline from 20 minutes.
2. Tuesday: Delts - finish off with HIIT cardio on stair master for 20 minutes.
3. Wednesday: Legs - glute and hamstring focus - finish off with light cardio on the treadmill at incline from 20 minutes.
4. Thursday: Uppers (back, bi's, tri's, delts) - finish off with HIIT cardio on treadmill for 30 minutes.
5. Friday: Legs - glute and hamstring focus - finish off with light cardio on the treadmill at incline from 20 minutes.
6. Saturday: 30 min of Stretching or do Bikram Yoga.
7. Sunday: rest.
I always do my cardio at the end of a workout, never before. The way I train is very fast, my heart rate never falls below 110. I still lift heavy but I superset all training sometimes incorporate 3-4 exercises per one circuit and keep the momentum up with very little rest periods. This allows me to grow muscle while still be in fat burning zone so essentially my workouts are like light cardio as well. Visit my YouTube channel for full workout examples.

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Self-confidence: Honestly, I feel like this is something I was just born with. I have always been confident and just had this sassy personality to me. I modeled at a very young age. I was a competitive gymnast growing up and a dancer all through high school. When I moved to LA at 18 I was an actively booked model which included runway jobs. I was no stranger to the bright lights and performing in front of a crowd, so when I decided to compete it just felt natural. I love competition and I even more love to get all dolled up and feel like a star so when you mix both of those together I just come alive on stage.

I do feel like this is a major component to the industry though. So if you're naturally shy or not very confident, definitely work on that before anything else if you want to compete. Confidence shines through on stage and you have to know you have what it takes to be a winner in order to win.

The last show I did was USA's in Las Vegas in July 2016. I am local in San Diego so all the local show's I do are Muscle Contest which are the promoters for USA's as well. So through the whole check-in process I was already very familiar with the staff running the show. They have a very clean and structured organization so it's always a breeze going through check-in's.

For a National show you have to go on stage for comparisons first, which 10 girls at a time go on stage, hit their front pose and then hit their back pose, walk off stage and then line up in the back to go back on stage for your individual routine. Once I got off stage from my comparisons I already had such an incredible rush. The adrenaline you get from being on stage is indescribable so then to line up and go back on stage in just a few short minutes later, you're already hyped up. I then went on for my individual routine and felt very good. I had locked eyes with every judge and just felt great. They put you off to the side in groups of 3 and then walk off stage. Once everyone has gone for individuals everyone gets back on stage in a diagonal line and wait to be called out.

I remember it took them what felt like an hour to start the first calls out. 5 girls got called out before me and my heart dropped because I thought I didn't make first call outs and then I hear my number! I got first call outs! I remember my heart jumped out of my chest, I strutted across the stage and hit my front pose. They had us turn back around at least 4 times and at that point I was dying. I stayed in the same spot the whole time which was the 6th place spot and then they told us to step off stage. I was so excited to have made first call outs my second national show and just couldn't wait for the final show to see my actual placing. Overall I felt incredible that show. That was hands down the best I have ever looked. For the final show I did not make top 5 and honestly I was not disappointed. I knew where I needed to improve on (posing) and that was an easy fix. So, I am going to show up to Nationals, with a much stronger front pose, and even stronger package and try my absolute best one last time this year to get my pro card!

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Future plans- Right now I am currently on prep for NPC Nationals in Miami. This show is taking place on November 18th-19th, 2016 and this will be my second attempt this year to turn Pro, (3rd attempt in total). After that, pending the results, I will do my pro debut early in 2017 with the attempt to qualify for the Olympia and then begin my aggressive prep for that. If Miami does not go the way as planned, then to really take a step back and evaluate where I need to grow and improve in order to become an IFBB Bikini Pro and make those changes moving on into next season and do USA's in Las Vegas for my 4th attempt.

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