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Hi my name is Danielle Lazaro. I started competing when I turned 40, almost 7 years ago. I first got started through a friend of mine who is a figure pro. She contacted me to help with services for the shows. I am a hairdresser and I do hair and tan services for other competitors along with competing myself. (I also do all the work on my suits. making them so fab!). I had mentioned from there that I was interested in competing myself. I started from that point and loved it from day one. From there I wanted to take it as far as I could.

Danielle Lazaro

I would say that I worked with a few coaches with different approaches on training and dieting. For me many didn't work in my favor because I have a very quick metabolism as far as dieting. I have to eat twice as much as other competitors do. A straight out low calorie diet for a long period of time will make me turn into a bikini competitor lol. When I started competing I did figure for a few years. I did pretty well with it but then came along physique for women. I knew this was right up my alley. I love that there were choices of poses and a routine to go with it with music. When I started with physique for the first couple of years I would stay clean during week with diet and on the weekends I would enjoy myself with a few cheat meals at the time this worked well for me.

At this time after I became pro I started working with the coach I am with now since last May. For me being a pro is like starting all over again in this sport. It is the first time I am dieting off season with a specific diet. The food is incorporated with what I am training that day. I do 2 cheat meals a week. One in middle of week and one on weekend. Depending on what I am training some days are high fat days and some are high carb days. This is working for me very well. It is keeping me nice and lean and I'm able to put on some size as well. This is my off season at this time.

I think self confidence is something that is built within ourselves. I was very nervous in the beginning because it was all new but I just loved competing so much and I knew the more and more the confidence would come stronger and stronger. I wanted to go pro and I was not going to stop till I got there. lol. I think like anything else you love, the more you do it the better you will be at it!

My training and diet at this point go hand and hand. For me I hold my fat in my glutes and ham strings, My challenge this year was to really get them where they need to be on this level. On days Im doing lower body I do high fats not high carbs to keep those areas as lean as possible. My cardio is hit 4 days a week right now. This will increase when I start prepping. Sometimes I do my whole work out with cardio and training together. Sometimes I split it up. It depends on my work schedule.

I have a 13 year old daughter and I am a single parent so I'm always going. I really don't thing being a athlete changed my life, I mean I want to go further with it and sometimes I think athletes that have sponsorships it helps. I don't have any at this time so it's harder financially wise. More important for me is that I'm teaching my daughter to go out there and follow what makes her happy. I want her to go for things in her life and never be afraid to try.

I became pro in July 2016. In Jan 2017 I had hernia surgery in Jan 2017 so with this I knew I just wanted to do 1 show in 2017 to just get my feet wet and really goal for success in 2018!I did masters pro in Pittsburgh last year and came in 8th out of 13 for my first pro show. For my first pro show I wouldn't say it was the best experience for me. I was supposed to do 2 categories over 35 and over 45. There was a mistake with one and I only go to do 1 Category. This just gave me more ambition to go back and do better next time believe it or not lol.

For this year I plan on doing at least 2 to 3 shows. I am playing with some dates on shows but won't have anything set till next month, I'm pretty excited about this season, I have been working extremely hard!!!

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I am currently working on a website for show services as well.

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