Daniela Duncan - Bikini Competitor

Fitness has been a lifestyle for me. I played sports all my life and enjoyed staying busy with all the sports activities. I started teaching Zumba about 3 years ago and shortly after I started training with my current coach just to build some muscle. I was inspired and motivated by him to engage in teaching group fitness so I pursed some certifications and started teaching at Life Time Fitness shortly after. My coach Derek Burns and I had already talked about me competing one day so the thought has been in the back of my mind. I had the pleasure of meeting a very good friend while working at Life Time, Maria Palomo; and she further encouraged me to pursue body building competitions so I finally decided to give it a try. She was a great resource in guiding me towards my new goals.

I have only competed one time so far but I'm excited to pursue other competitions soon. My coach was great about giving me balanced meals to ensure I got all the nutrition necessary while working towards leaning out. He was very flexible with my diet and made the process extremely positive for me. I was able to maintain a high caloric intake through most of my prep since I use a lot of calories to teach and train. My daily intake was about 2500 calories with 7-8 meals per day. I've been working on bulking and building on areas that I want to improve during my off season. I continue to eat clean and healthy with a high caloric intake but I have added a little more carbs so I can bulk.

I teach 7 classes per week at Life Time and train 4 times per week. Most of my group fitness classes are total body workouts but when I train I focus on individual muscle groups. I'm still working on a system so I can avoid over-training while prepping. My diet is the easy part; my coach has made it really easy for me but when I feel like changing something up I just make sure I stay within my goals for my macros for the day.

I'm originally from Brazil and grew up around some beautiful beaches in Rio de Janeiro so being in a bikini was not an issue to me. I'm blessed that I had an incredible support system that helped me feel comfortable and confident throughout the entire process. I also practiced a lot at the gym and got used to having people seeing me pose.

Competing in a NPC competition has been an extremely rewarding experience for me. My journey was incredible and extremely positive. As I mentioned fitness has been a lifestyle for me for sometime and this experience helped me get the confidence and drive to take it to another level. I recently competed during the NPC East Coast Classics and could not be happier with the show. NPC made it extremely easy for the Athletes and everything went smoothly from check-in, prejudging and finals. There were so many friendly faces from beginning to end.

I plan on continuing to work hard to improve myself and present a better package on my next competition in 2017.

Daniela Duncan
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