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Dani: I truly began competing in high school for the Mr. and Miss Wesley Chapel contest. Where was awarded showmanship my first two years and I eventually won my last two years and the "overall" champion. Then in 2010 I did my first figure competition. In 2011 I was competing at Nationals for figure and they came out with Women's Physique. It was perfect for me! I switched right away and had a pro card in my hands by November 2012! Now we are in early 2016 approaching the Arnold Classic, and all I can say is, wow, I'm loving my dream.

Diet off-season vs. pre-contest
Well the biggest variable that is changed I would say is the structure of the prep life. Everything so planned and scheduled and strict you just put the blinders on. Whereas in the off season everything is just a little bit more relaxed, for me anyway. I take the offseason for the most part as a time for rest and recovery. Regarding the one variable that needs to be structured... nutrition. Nutrition is key, to be honest my training style pretty much remains the same in and off season, the amount of food (cookies) I eat is what differs.

Failed diets:
Ketosis- I believe it's a dangerous practice to get into especially if you are a bodybuilder. I'm not sure most people understand how to even do it properly, I'm not sure I even do, and I know it take a little bit to fully be in ketosis. Restricting carbs completely sounds dangerous, not only because it creates a toxic environment, but what happens when you start eating carbs again. I feel like your body would be so sensitive to insulin, it could be metabolically damaging.

I have a split program. I mix in touch up days along with normal training days. I believe energy flows where the focus goes. And if you train your lagging body parts they are bound to catch up if you focus and train them. Most likely typical carb cycling works unless team sims says otherwise. I eat more on leg and back days because of the more energy I'm utilizing, and I eat less on the lesser energy expending days, like chest and shoulders.

On stage
Well other than me being a ham, when you know you have worked day in and day out to achieve what is on stage, you should want to show it off. No everyone won't see you crying on the stepper, but the routine is your chance to shine your personality and passion through and communicate that with the audience. And I can't forget to mention practicing. I listen to my posing song hundreds of times, and practice the routine mentally and physically until there is no way I can get it wrong. I think certainty and confidence comes from knowing you did your best. When we think we didn't do our best is when we get nervous and fearful.

The 2015 Olympia contest: I remember looking around while we were waiting for our numbers to be called and I was so happy, tears were almost coming out of my eyes. Everything felt right and it felt like I was supposed to be up there, like I was living my dream, purpose, my personal legend. The other feeling I experienced was after prejudging, we were sitting in apple bees, and I saw the first picture of myself on stage. I just broke down in tears and couldn't speak to anyone for about 5 minutes. I know I'm a cry baby. I was in front of the big red O hitting a front double bicep, it was kind of fuzzy and it was a picture of me on the jumbotv thing. That picture was the same image of myself I used to visualize. That's how I saw myself in my mind, and there I was on stage living it. Truly a moment I'll never forget. Thank you for asking :)

Future plans
My hope is that all of them are with Ian, but other than that... I have many short term future plans that include me winning contests like the Arnold Classic and Olympia, but ultimately I plan to be happy, healthy, compassionate, joyous and I plan to be great at whatever I do.

Website: www.danireardon.com
Facebook: IFBB Pro Dani Reardon
Instagram: lil monstar

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Dani Reardon

Dani Reardon

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