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Hi my name is Dani Borges, I am a fitness model, engineer and a total fitness freak!
I am 26 years old and started training about 10 years ago, and at that time, I really had no bigger aspirations other than just trying to live a healthier lifestyle. I wasnít always big on strict eating habits or even into sports, but I strongly felt I needed to change that.

So ten years went by, as I was doing this purely for myself, and through those years, I fell in love with the whole process of dieting and training (and of course, with the results that came along with it), so it all kind of came naturally to me.

It may seem silly, but my path on this career started on instagram. After seeing girls that apparently didnít have the same passion or dedication as I did having a lot of success on IG, I thought maybe I had a shot at making a living out of this passion of mine, since this was always a huge dream.

From that moment on, things started growing, slowly at first, but as typically goes with instagram, you find courage and support words from your followers, what encourage us to do better every day.

And that has been always a huge motivation for me. At first, as for all of us, I had my role models, people who I could look up to and try to mirror my training on theirs. And now, to be able to see people doing the reverse with me, telling me that they view me as inspiration, and seeing that I can help people reach their potential, being through photos, workout videos or even with motivational words, is a true humbling and fulfilling experience.

All those aspects of life on instagram helped and fueled me to keep doing it, at an ever-growing pace, commitment and dedication, specially after recently I was able to find Coach Bueno (again, through instagram), who has been an imense help on my growth as an "athlete" in this sport, if you will.

His mentoring, that goes from diet and training plans to motivation made me go one step further, and actually made me first seriously contemplate the possibility of competing (believe it or not, I never thought I would be able to go on that path, before this whole journey started). Maybe that's a huge reason why I fell so compelled to help others reach their goals.

My diet and training actually varies accordingly with my present personal goals, as I constantly evaluate my progress, and kind of go from there with what I see and where I think I wanna go. To me, itís less about only bulking or cutting, but rather constantly evaluating my results and dynamically changing my plans according to the results Iím getting.

I had my share of negative experiences with dieting (most notably when I tried to cut my carb intake to 0 and had no energy for my workouts), but since it has always been a dynamic process, I havenīt really been bothered by that, as Iíd just change my plans and move on. Itís always about moving forward, and never stopping at the first obstacle that gets in our way.

As about my future plan, I look forward to competing in a wbff contest, but as of now, I havenít yet taken part in any fitness competition, and I donít have a specific date for it right now. Despite that, I work my tail off preparing as if my first competition is next month, because I believe success comes with being prepared for the opportunities life presents us, and most times we canít predict when thatís gonna be.

Dani Borges

Instagram: itsdaniborges
e-mail: contato.daniborges@gmail.com

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Dani Borges

Dani Borges

Dani Borges