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Walking on stage was easy for me because weight lifting had saved my life. Prior to lifting I suffered terrible from low self-esteem and bulimia. At my lowest I weighed 80 pounds. One day I started working with a Trainer my whole life opened up. I learned ďfood is fuel. Food is not the lost boyfriend, hug you never got, or the attention you so neededĒ. My body was amazing, powerful and strong. Each workout brought me one step closer to healing and not only accepting myself but loving what I saw in the mirror. See with weight lifting session or every work out your proud. Youíre proud of the pump, or the increase in weights. So for me competing just seemed like the natural progression.

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I donít like the big yo-yo food and body weight cycle that some body builders do. As we all know yo-yo dieting is bad for the body kidneys and liver. So even off season I donít like to get my body fat above 18%. That way Iím not drastically losing weight to step on stage. I usually lose 10-13 pounds before a show. I am a vegetarian so I mostly eat egg whites and whey protein. I like the 1.5 ratio of protein for body weight best. I donít like to do anymore because I worry about kidney damage. My protein stays the same year around. In my off season I will eat tofu or soy products. However I cut out all soy 12 weeks before a show. Carbohydrates are the food that I change the most depending on the time of year. Off season I will eat bread sometimes and I love to eat lots of fruit. I am an Endo-Mesomorph (soft muscular) body type so carb cycling works best for me to lose weight. 12 weeks out from a show I do 2 days low carb than 1 day high. During the show prep I only eat oatmeal and sweat potatoes. I find these are my personal favorites and keep me on track. I will cut out fruit 8 weeks out. In the past I have kept the fruit but I didnít lean out enough. For myself I really need to watch sugars and carbs. Fruits and bread just keep the weight on me. So after I cut them out it really helped me to lean out.

For weight training I like best one muscle a day. Except biceps and triceps I do together. I do 25 sets each muscle. I always do an ab. exercise between sets because sitting around between sets is just way to boring for me. I love the weights so Iím always working hard in the weight room. So before a show the only difference here is I compound superset more. The biggest change however is in the cardioÖ. I do 1 hour at least a day starting 12 weeks out. And depending on how Iím progressing. I will even do up to 2 hours a day. This is broken up in the day. Not all at one time.

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I have been very lucky in that I didnít have any nightmare shows. Every show is different and has its good and bad points. The same holds true to the different organizations. I was very lucky in that my second show the Battle of York USBF 2009, and won my pro-card and best poser award. I was still nervous so I did another armature show The New York State Bodybuilding Championships INBF 2009 and again I won my pro-card and best poser award. In several pro shows I have placed 2nd or 3rd. Iím still working on winning my first Pro show.

Just this year one of my dreams came true and I opened my own gym only 11 months ago. This took up all my time. But was so worth it. As a result I only had time to compete once but this year I plan on doing 3-4. My first show coming up is the Iron Eagle, WNBF in March. It is a great show very organized and the people that work it are very friendly. Plus Georgiaís is beautiful.

I am also proud to say that a client of mine Frank won Best poser award at Eastern USA Natural INBA in 2015.

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